XRS Slovenia Rd2 report


The Round 2 of XRS Slovenia took place at the newly re-surfaced track in Maribor (Slovenia). There was a big interest for the race since the new ETS carpet and new layout were expecting drivers from different countries to have what was supposed to be a very tight race in various categories. The XRS motors and HUDY tires performed flawlessly again during Saturday’s practice and Sunday’s race.

Saturday it was a practice day where most of drivers could get in touch with the new track layout and prepare their cars for the race. Sunday the day started with one heat of controlled practice needed for driver re-seeding.

Then the qualification started and in F1 it was Damir Cindrić (XRAY X1) who took TQ after 3 heats in front of Matevž Furlan (XRAY X1) and Sašo Kramljak (XRAY X1). In Touring Stock category, it was Jan Popič (XRAY T4) taking TQ in front of Rok Rudl (XRAY T4) and Viktor Bolšec (XRAY T4).

In the fastest category 1/12 Pan-car it was Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12) taking TQ in front of Herfried Pucher (XRAY X12) and Nejc Mihelič (XRAY X12). After the lunch the finals started and in F1 it was Damir Cindrić who starting from TQ would take the win after 3 rounds on finals.

  1. Damir Cindrić – XRAY X1
  2. Sašo Kramljak – XRAY X1
  3. Matevž Furlan – XRAY X1
  4. Borut Udovč – XRAY X1
  5. Riccardo Cauter – XRAY X1
  6. Darko Nemec – XRAY X1
  7. Simon Šušteršič – XRAY X1
  8. Sulejman Tabaković – XRAY X1

In Touring Stock category, A-main, it was A battle between Jan Popič and Rok Rudl. In the 1st race Jan made a mistake, so Rok won it. In the second Jan made no mistakes and won the race. So, it was tha lst final to decide the winner. The battle was very close and hard, but since the track is very technical, no clean pass was possible from Rok, so Jan Popič won the race. Second overall was Rok Rudl and third place went to Jan Pernarčič.

  1. Jan Popič – XRAY T4
  2. Rok Rudl – XRAY T4
  3. Jan Pernarčič – XRAY T4
  4. Viktor Bolšec – XRAY T4
  5. Luka Bušac – XRAY T4
  6. Gregor Banko
  7. Bjan Mikložič – XRAY T4
  8. Lovro Šušteršič

In the Touring Stock category, B-main, the results were:

  1. Borut Svoljšak – XRAY T4
  2. Kristjan Mikložič – XRAY T4
  3. Peter Tavčer
  4. Danilo Luchicchi – XRAY T4
  5. Gašper Ravbar – XRAY T4
  6. Stanislav Kokol – XRAY T4

In the Touring Stock category, C-main, the results were:

  1. Matjaž Barovič – XRAY T4
  2. Darko Nemec – XRAY T4
  3. Aleš Strelec
  4. Peter Šinkovec – XRAY T4
  5. Sergej Polc

In the 1/12 Pan-car it was Alojzij Osvald winning all 3 finals, second place went to Nejc Mihelič and third was Herffried Pucher.

  1. Alojzij Osvald – XRAY X12
  2. Nejc Mihelič – XRAY X12
  3. Herfried Pucher – XRAY X12
  4. Gerald Stuckler – XRAY X12
  5. Stefan Hois – XRAY X12