PROTOform WCICS Rd4 report


The PROTOform Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series Round 4 landed in the capital city of Edmonton, Alberta. Hosted by NASCAR, it was a very cold winter weekend, perfect for indoor racing! Running on new black carpet, NASCAR took their track design to a completely different level, with a beautiful layout complete with green felt inserts. With racers getting used to the new AAA mains format, the importance of qualifying on Saturday is sinking in, but the fun of 2-3x the racing on Sunday, as well as the consistency needed for good results, is making for great racing!

RC America/XRay TC Mod: Top Western Canadian Racer Team Awesomatix’s Wayne Mah was on top form at his home club, and dominated the first 2 rounds. XRay Teammates Blake Bell and Danny Buck would each take a 2nd, and fellow XRay Driver Luke Pittman would take 3rd both opening rounds. With Wayne’s place secured, and sitting out R3, Blake Bell would lock up 2nd overall, and Luke would take 2nd over top Privateer Josh Carter to take the final podium spot (Danny Buck shown in podium, picture, points later corrected to Luke).

Team Great Hobbies TC Stock: Again the biggest class of the weekend, local driver Ryan Berry would top R1, with XRay’s Luke Pittman in 2nd, and Team Awesomatix Wayne May in third after some bad luck. Wayne would come back in R2, winning, with XRay’s Danny Buck in second, and fellow XRay driver Ryan Rice in 3rd. With such a mix, it came down to R3 to decide the final results. Wayne would take it, followed by Luke and Ryan Rice. But with his R1 win, Ryan Berry would hold onto 3rd overall, with Wayne taking top spot over Luke.

Blinds Plus Tamiya Mini: Local fast driver Leo Alic would lay down the Mini domination with wins in R1 & R2. Ivan Chan would take 2nd, with Matt Wilford and Dennis Liew trading 3rd’s. Leo would watch as Dennis would win R3, followed by Walter Slany and Tim Blackwell. Overall final standings were Leo, Ivan and Dennis.

ATD Hobbies Scale Spec: The Legend of Saskatoon, Gary Lanzer would dominate Scale Spec again, just like he did in Airdrie, taking double wins. Dennis Beck taking two 2nd’s. 3rd place would be battled out by Matt Wilford, Cam Spence and Lance Radke, and Chris Jackman all finishing in the top 3 of the mains, but Matt would take the final trophy home.

CRC 12th Stock: In the second biggest class of the weekend XRay’s Luke Pittman was unstoppable, winning both rounds and parking his car on the top podium spot. XRay’s Ryan Rice took 2nd in R1,followed by Ivan Chan. Ivan would take the next second, followed by Rob Mcquarrie. Ryan Rice would battle back for 2nd in R3, just behind Ivan, with Dean Temple in 3rd. Final order: Luke, Ivan and Ryan.

Reedy 12th Mod: In the fastest class of the weekend, former Canadian National Champion, Team XRay’s Blake Bell would take the first 2, followed both times by Korgae Scales. Jason Melnyk took 3rd in R1, and Team Associated’s Peter Toszer took it in the next round. Peter got his car dialed for R3 taking the win, followed by Korgae again in 2nd, and Jason in 3rd. Final order, Blake, Peter and Korgae.

Gripworks F1: Mission BC’s Korgae Scales, in his first season running F1 would take both wins again, just like in Airdrie. Steve Weins would beat Walter Slany across in R1, and Steve would beat Dave Lengyel in R2. In the final round Ivan Chan would take the win, followed again by Steve and Walter in 2nd and 3rd. Final order: Korgae, Steve and Ivan.

Concourse was awarded to Ryan Rice, with all 3 top picks receiving a PROTOform body with which to create their next masterpiece!