Texas EOS Rd1 report


The 2017 Texas EOS was held the last weekend at the Banana RC Raceway. In the 17.5 sedan class, local Steve Breuer, Johnee Fenimore and Andrew Doherty were able to show that they would be competitive. All three drivers ran a widely different setup showing how big of a setup window the T4’17 has. In the end, Andrew Doherty was able to secure the TQ position in Q3 by half a second. The A main of 17.5 was extremely eventful. Andrew would do what he could to hold off the second place qualifier, but in the end, the one mistake he made was the difference.

17.5 Touring results:

  1. Chris Kemper
  2.  Andrew Doherty РXRAY
  3. Steve Breuer – XRAY

Modified Sedan was just as entertaining in qualifying. Andrew Doherty was the driver to beat after round one. Running a flawless race with zero mistakes put himself out front. Round two of qualifying had Ralph Burch put down a new tq time with a flawless run with his new manufacturer. His tq would last 5 minutes as Chris Adams would reset it the following race by 2 seconds. The third qualifier would be more of the same with Chris getting the extra lap for the overall tq. The A main was eventful from 2nd and beyond as fellow XRAY drivers Steve Breuer and Andrew Doherty were once again able to put in a great drive and finish on the podium.

Modified Touring results:

  1. Chris Adams – XRAY
  2. Steve Breuer – XRAY
  3. Andrew Doherty – XRAY