Fabio Ramos teams up with Shepherd Portugal


Just a few days after the announcement of José Felix, Team Shepherd Portugal have announced that Fábio Ramosa joined the official team for the upcoming season and beyond. He is returning after a break of five years in on-road competition and is highly motivated to attend the upcoming national events and prepare himself for the 2018 EFRA Euro A 1/10 in Vila Real, Portugal. Fábio had the following to say:

“I am very excited to be joining Team Shepherd. After 5 years without any on-road experience it’s time to be back. Team Shepherd looks to be the right place to come back to on-road racing and recover what I have lost in the last 5 years. It’s a company with a stunning experience in on-road with also great achievements world-wide, that’s a result of the good work they have been doing so far! Now its time to give the right steps and try to be on top one day, fighting side by side with the worlds best drivers. I would like to thank Patrick Schäfer from Team Shepherd and Vasco Sousa from RadioControl who is the Shepherd distributor of Portugal, for giving me this opportunity.”