RugRacers 2016/2017 Rd4 report


The Hertford Radio Car Club hosted the round 4 of RugRacers and the 1st one of 2017. Once the controlled practice had been completed we was into the usual format of 4 rounds of FTQ Qualifying followed by the 2 legs of Finals.

GT12 was 1st out the gates Tim Hancock the early pace setter with Owen Smith keeping him honest for, Andy Murray would post FTQ in Round 3 with the only run that went into 29 laps. The A Final would see Andy Murray take Leg 1 from Ben Vincent & Tim Hancock. Leg 2 was a much closer affair with the top 3 cars finishing with 1.1 secs between them all, the battle ran for most the race which was a close affair that ultimately Andy triumphed over.

GT12 results:

  1. Andy Murray
  2. Ben Vincent
  3. Tim Hancock
  4. Scott Morton
  5. Neil Mottram
  6. Michael Hull
  7. Stuart Dye
  8. Owen Smith
  9. Carl Beecroft
  10. Ben Hewett
  11. Chris Graco

17.5 Blinky class saw a round by round improvement on time 1st with Colin Jackson then Matt Worton then back to Colin to stretch it out in R3 & R4 his R4 time being less than 3/10ths of a second faster to give him Pole, Leg 1 went to Colin with Matt Worton 2nd & Malc Hall up from 7th to 3rd, Leg 2 was a lights to flag tour for Colin with Leyton Foster up into 2nd from the 4 spot & Malc Hall 3rd.

2nd Matt Worton, 1st Colin Jackson, 3rd Malc Hall

17.5 Blinky results:

  1. Colin Jackson
  2. Matthew Worton
  3. Malc Hall
  4. Leyton Foster
  5. Thomas Garnham
  6. Ricky Copsey
  7. Aaron Rose
  8. Mark Young
  9. Lisa Keen
  10. Tom Hampson

F1 & champion elect Luke Lee was out the blocks straight away an advantage he would stretch over the next 2 rounds. With a few new drivers in F1 as well it made for very close racing at the front as the remaining crowd fought over the rest of the spots, Leg 1 & Luke was off with Martin Southall up from 4th into 2nd place & Tom Hampson upto 3rd from 5th the 1st half of the race saw the top 5 cars separated by 2 secs. Leg 2 & Luke setoff early leaving the chasing pack to fight & fight they did, Luke with the win from his brother Michael Lee in 2nd.

2nd Martin Southall, 1st Luke Lee, 3rd Michael Lee

F1 Blinky results:

  1. Luke Lee
  2. Martin Southall
  3. Michael Lee
  4. Tom Hampson
  5. Andrew Walters
  6. Chris Mucklow
  7. Michael Cook
  8. Remo Casadei
  9. Luke Hobson

13.5 Open & Ashley Wiffen being the early pace setter only for Jon Seals to then improve the FTQ time for each of the next rounds to take the pole for the final, Leg 1 Jon set off with Ashley in hot pursuit for a race that would go the whole 5 mins between the 2 cars close enough to throw a blanket over, Jon stayed firm to take the win, Leg 2 was a similar affair after an early mistake from Ashley Damian moved up to 2nd and continued to hunt Jon down until an error allowed the recovering Ashley back through to chase hard for the remainder a battle that would see both cars cross the finish line separated by 3/10ths of a second.

2nd Ashley Wiffen, 1st Jon Seals, 3rd Damian Giddins

13.5 Open results:

  1. Jon Seals
  2. Ashley Wiffen
  3. Damian Giddins
  4. Tim Harrop
  5. Dale Burr
  6. Matthew White
  7. Jason Coe

A look through the field saw the juniors in all classes finish as follows:


Owen Smith 8th A Final
Daniel Robins 8th B Final
Darcie Smith 10th B Final
Jake Vincent 1st C Final
Ethan Southall 6th C Final
Shane Chipolina 7th C Final
Holly Cook 10th C Final

17.5 Blinky

Adam Southgate 4th B Final
Frazier Tucker 10th C Final