XRS Germany Rd1 report


The first race of the new XRAY Racing Series took place this weekend at the Eifelring in Leimbach. 

Majuran Tharmalingam (Serpent) won the class Touring Carriages before Jörg Baldes (XRAY) and Melvin Diekmann (XRAY). The Top 3 also crossed the finish line in all three Finals in this order. This was also the ranking list after the preliminaries. Tim Schneider became fourth, Marc Stübben fifth. They were followed by Niklas Mährle, Markus Lehr and Sven Soltau. In this class, the regulations state that XRAY tires must be used. An XRAY motor with 13.5 turns is also required, which can be borrowed at each run.

Touring stock results:

  1. Majuran Tharmalignam
  2. Jorg Baldes – XRAY
  3. Melvin Diekmann – XRAY

The Luxembourgian Jacques Libar (CRC) was the fastest rider in the class 1:12 standard (10.5 T). Starting from the pole, he won the first two finals. He was the only driver to score a lap time of less than ten seconds. Bernd Wiesenberger (CRC) became second, Sven Stoffels third. Sven Voigt, Hartmut Rose, Markus Scheller, Matthias Weiher and Jörn Bauer were among the runners behind.

1/12 Results:

  1. Jacques Libar
  2. Bernd Wiesenberger
  3. Sven Stoffels

Jacques Libar was also the fastest Formula driver. Almost eight seconds, he was quicker than the second-place finish, Daniel Schober. In the formula, the Luxembourger started with a prototype of MD Racing. In the finals he was the only driver to ride 29 laps. Daniel Schneider came second and Andreas Seyfriedt third. Andreas Ivo finished fourth.

Formula class top 3:

  1. Jacques Libar
  2. Daniel Schober
  3. Andreas Seyfriedt

The next round of the XRAY Racing Series will take place in Augsburg at the end of January. Afterwards, you will return to Aschaffenburg and return to the Eifelring.