Dominic Quek TQ & win at Malaysia National Championship Rd1


Round 1 of the 2017 Malaysia National Championships was held in the Southern State of Johor’s Mutiara Rini circuit. A turnout of more than 80 racers made this a very competitive race, with a team of 4 from Singapore making the trip across the border to join in the racing action. In the Modified Class, Singapore’s Dominic Quek (XRAY) set the early pace in qualifying with a TQ run in Round 1. He would repeat in Qualifying Round 2, but would not improve on his Q1 run as the traction conditions worsened due to the hotter temperatures. Malaysia’s Azri Amri (XRAY) TQ-ed Q3 but did not improve on Dominic’s Q1 time. With the single fastest round to count, Dominic took TQ, followed by Wong Kok Wai, while Asmad would start P3.

Qualifying Results:

  1. Dominic Quek (XRAY) 22/5:05.400 (1)
  2. Wong Kok Wai (Awesomatix) 22/5:07.171 (1)
  3. Asmad (XRAY) 22/5:07.981 (1)
  4. Azri Amri (XRAY) 22/5:08.812 (1)
  5. Shahrin S (Yokomo) 22/5:09.100 (1)
  6. Michael Lim (XRAY) 22/5:13.108 (1)
  7. Norazam (XRAY) 22/5:13.150 (1)
  8. PY Tang (ARC) 22/5:14.324 (2)
  9. Wee Yuan (Tamiya) 21/5:01.025 (2)
  10. Roslan KR (XRAY) 21/5:01.655 (1)

Leg 1 of the A-Main was a close run race, with Dominic holding on to a slender lead from Kok Wai at the start. Overshooting the carousel slightly gave Kok Wai the margin to go into the lead after 1min. 2 laps later, Dominic retook the lead with a good move into the hairpin in the short front straight. Just past the half-way mark, a side-to-side contact between the 2 lead cars in the small sweeper coming onto the back straight saw Kok Wai unfortunately up end on the wrong side of the kerb. This left Dominic a sizeable advantage which he held on to the end. Azri Amri finished 3rd.

In Leg 2, Dominic and Kok Wai started well once again and pulled a small gap on the rest of the field. As the 2 lead cars battled, hard charging Azri began to catch up to make it a 3-horse race. At the half way time-mark, Azri made his move at the end of the straight to go into P2. A minute later, and Azri was nipping at the heels of Dominic for the lead. With a minute left, just as Azri edged past for the lead, there was contact between the 2 lead cars, which left Dominic wheels to the sky, dropping him to 4th. In the incident, Kok Wai took the lead with Azri in 2nd and Shahrin in 3rd. They would finish in that order, setting up a Leg 3 showdown.

In Leg 3, Dominic once again had a confident start to pull an immediate gap on the field. Azri once again had a super start, immediately moving up from P4 to P3. At about the 1min mark, he overtook Kok Wai for P2 at the end of the sweeper and immediately set his sights on the lead car. Dominic had to manage his nerves for the remaining 4 mins as the veteran Azri closed the gap. In the end, Dominic’s measured drive saw him take the win by just 0.6 secs at the end of 5mins, and with that the overall win for the day.

Overall Results

  1. Dominic Quek – XRAY
  2. Wong Kok Wai – Awesomatix
  3. Azri Amri – XRAY
  4. Shahrin S – Yokomo
  5. Norazam – XRAY
  6. Asmad – XRAY
  7. PY Tang – ARC
  8. Michael Lim – XRAY
  9. Wee Yuan – Tamiya
  10. Roslan KR – XRAY