Rocket RC 1/10 F1 car kit


Thank to the long term experience in RC world, passion and technological development, italian company Rocket RC have introduced their “Rocket RC” Project in the form of a 1/10 Formula car kit.
This F1 model, completely conceived by the project maker, combine the best mechanical elements together with ideas and technical solutions he thinks, can be the best choice.

Best elements available on the market have been used: Yokomo’s differentials; ABC-Brianza drew and printed some 3D elements; DitoDito and Wrc supplied some important snall pieces; but, most important, all the carbon parts were cut in Italy, and the best material in quality and thickness was used.

Rocket F1 will be on sale at the beginning of February, the first models produced are now being tested by the best and reliable testers available. They are racing on the most important tracks in Italy and they are now adjusting all the smallest details, so that a well-advanced model can be offered on the market.