WCICS Rd5 report


Round 5 of the WCICS Canadian series attracts a few top level drivers from around North America. It’s location on the ever beautiful island of Victoria in British Columbia was incredible. XRAY/RCAmerica driver Luke Pittman has a one of kind program that makes this race experience one of the best in the world. Checking lap times and results has never been easier. Don’t forget that when they re-shuffle before every round you get a personal text message to your phone which tells you what heat your in with your respective classes.

TC stock: 
Local XRAY/RCAmerica Luke Pittman was very close to clinching TQ in this very competitive class but ended up just missing out and another local fast guy Wayne Mah. Pittman would line up second going into the mains with teammate Tim Copp starting in fourth. Wayne Mah would ultimately win A1 and A2 with Pittman a few seconds behind finishing 2nd.

TC Stock results

  1. Wayne Mah
  2. Luke Pittman – XRAY
  3. Tim Copp – XRAY
  4. Ryan Berry
  5. Doug Smith
  6. Jarrod Heap
  7. Leighton Lederer
  8. Joe Levesque
  9. Mike Malkinson
  10. Eric Epp



JJ Wang and Max Kuenning (XRAY/RCAmerica) were on site to challenge the Canadian Keven Hebert and a few other local fast guys. It was Wang with the fastest pace throughout the weekend that would have him line up on pole for the triple A-mains with fellow teammate Kuenning starting in fifth. All 3 mains were action packed with battles all throughout the field. Wang would end up winning A1 while Kuenning won A2. It was all up to the the final battle in A3 between the top 3 drivers. Wang and Hebert were able to spread out a comfortable lead between themselves and Kuenning. It was an extremely close battle for the entire 5 minutes. JJ went with a defensive strategy. While the top 2 were battling Kuenning was able to close the gap to 1.2 seconds between himself and the leaders. Hebert made an amazing pass to get past Wang and would end up finishing in that order.

TC Modified Results:

  1. JJ Wang – XRAY
  2. Keven Hebert
  3. Max Kuenning – XRAY
  4. Wayne Mah
5. Korey Harbke
  5. Blake Bell – XRAY
  6. Nick Keown
  7. Peter Tozser
  8. John Tsang
  9. Luke Pittman – XRAY

1/12 Stock (13.5 blinky): 
With the a new spec motor coming out every couple months we had no idea how this class was going to shape out. But it was our very own Max Kuenning with his Trinity powered X12 2017 that would lead the charge for TQ. Only setting TQ by a couple tenths of a second from CRC’s Adam Balk. A1 was a chance to see if Kuenning had the pace throughout the entire 8-minutes to see if he could hold off Balk with his immense pace in the closing minutes of the races. Just by driving very clean races Kuenning was able to lead A1 and A2 tone to tone to cling the overall win.

1/12 Stock Results

  1. Max Kuenning – XRAY
  2. Adam Balk
  3. Brian Bodine
  4. Doug Smith
  5. Tim Copp – XRAY
  6. Luke Pittman – XRAY
  7. Craig Roberts
  8. Jarrod Heap
  9. Tom Younger
  10. Nick Keown

1/12 Modified: 
In modified 1/12 we were all once again trying to match the pace of Hebert Hebert would go on to win A1 and A2 with Kuenning close behind in A2. In A3 it was a battle between Harbke and Kuenning to claim the second spot on the podium. After a long 8 minute struggle and battle through traffic it was Harbke that would end up winning A3 with Kuenning trying to make some desperate moves to pass Harbke in the closing minute of the race.

1/12 Modified Results

  1. Keven Hebert
  2. Korey Harbke
  3. Max Kuenning – XRAY
  4. Blake Bell – XRAY
  5. Korgae Scales
  6. Nick Keown
  7. Brian Bodine
  8. John Tsang
  9. Adam Balk
  10. Peter Tozser