Dionys Stadler TQ & wins at ToniSport MCSS-Open 2017


The ToniSport MCSS-Open 2017 was held in Leonberg, Germany. The track was very fast and technical with good traction. On Friday in practice Dionys Stadler and Noah Asendorf were the fastest drivers. On Saturday took place 4 qualification rounds. The track was very demanding about the tyres, so drivers drove smoothly to put as little wear as possible on the tyres. In the modified final, Dionys‘ tyres set got damaged and he had to drive with 4 diffrent tyres in the last two finals, however he won both in front of Dominik Fleischmann
 in second and Marco Merchant in third.

In the stock finals, Noah took the 2nd place after some great fights. Valentin Hettrich took the win and Alexandre Kunkler completed the podium in third.