Singapore’s Urban Touring Series 2017 Season Opener report


Singapore’s Urban Touring Series flagged off its 2017 season this past weekend, with most of the island’s top racers participating. This was a concurrent national series points scoring round.

ISTC Class

In the ISTC class, Nicholas Lee stamped his authority early on by securing the TQ despite the valiant attempts of his closest competitors. PY Tang secured P2 for the finals with a great run in Q4, with Dominic Quek having to be content with a P3 start. In the incident filled finals, Nicholas Lee strolled to an easy win as his competitors battled themselves for the remaining podium spots. Having DNF-ed in Leg 2, Dominic Quek eventually took 2nd position with a win in Leg 3. YS Heng completed the podium in 3rd. It was to be a tough final for PY Tang who suffered from racing incidents to DNF Legs 1 and 2.

ISTC Class Results

  1. Nicholas Lee – Yokomo BD8 2017
  2. Dominic Quek – XRAY T4 2017
  3. YS Heng – Yokomo BD8 2017
  4. Ng Wei Jian – Tamiya TRF419X
  5. Eugene Goh – Yokomo BD8 2017
  6. Alvin Koh – Tamiya TRF419X
  7. Daryl Thong – XRAY T4 2017
  8. Ng Wei Quan – Tamiya TRF419X
  9. PY Tang – ARC R11 2017

17.5T Blinky Class

In the 17.5T Blinky Class, Leonard Sim was in a class of his own as his rivals failed to match his blistering pace in all qualifying runs. Kamen Koh would take P2 with Allister Lim in P3. In the B-Main, Stephen Tsao and Terence Ang secured the A-Main bump-ups by finishing in the top-2 positions in Leg 1. Leonard Sim maintained his qualifying performance to take easy wins in Leg 1 and 2 of the A-Main to claim the top step of the podium. Experienced racer Chee Lip Keong overcame his P4 qualifying position to secure 2nd place, while Allister Lim held on to finish overall 3rd. Despite finishing 3rd in all legs of the A-Main, Kamen Koh could only finish overall 4th

17.5T Blinky Class A-Main Results

  1. Leonard Sim – Awesomatix A800
  2. Chee Lip Keong – Yokomo BD7 2016
  3. Allister Lim – XRAY T4 2017
  4. Kamen Koh – ARC
  5. Terence Ang – HB
  6. Stephen Tsao – ARC R11 2017
  7. Adrian Quek – Tamiya TRF419
  8. HJ Quek – XRAY T4 2017

17.5T Blinky Class B-Main Results

  1. Joe Lam – Yokomo BD7
  2. Marc Seow – Tamiya TRF419X
  3. Charles Lim – XRAY T4 2017
  4. Raju Mohann – Serpent 411
  5. Sebastian Lee – Tamiya TA07
  6. Kenneth Yuen – Yokomo BD7 2016
  7. Sean Lee – Tamiya TT02