PROTOform WCICS Rd2 report


The PROTOform Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series Round 2 brought racing excitement to the quiet mountain town of Penticton, B.C. Hosted by PRCC it was a perfect weekend for racing! The second event to run the new AAA Main finals format; with racers enjoying 2-3x the racing on Sundays, and AAA consistency quickly becoming the major focus for racers!

RC America/XRay TC Mod: The pace for TC Mod was pretty clear, with the first 2 rounds finishing Team Awesomatix Korgae Scales first, Team XRay Blake Bell second, Team XRay Luke Pittman third, and top Privateer Josh Carter 4th. And with Blake taking the final round it would just cement that would also be the final finishing order!

Team Great Hobbies TC Stock: The biggest class of the weekend, Team XRay’s Luke Pittman would run away with it, taking the first 2 rounds, with Josh Carter taking second and Ryan Rice taking third in both rounds. Again, with Josh taking the final main, that would be the finishing order!

Blinds Plus Tamiya Mini: Alberta driver Scott West won the first 2 rounds, followed in round 1 by Chuck Debelen in second and Nick Weinrauch in third. Chuck and Nick would reverse for the second main; with Chuck taking the final main and the second spot on the podium, Nick third.

ATD Hobbies Scale Spec: Brent Wende watched from the sidelines after winning the first 2 mains, followed by Gary Lanzer in second for both rounds. Scott West would take 3rd in round 1, and Greg would take 3rd in round 2, leaving the final main to decide. With Gary winning it, Scott in second, the final order was Brent, Gary, Scott!

CRC 12th Stock: In the second biggest class, XRay’s Luke Pittman again did the double! In round 1 XRay’s Ryan Rice finished second, and Earl Towson third. In round 2, Doug Smith took second, with Ryan Rice third. So the final would settle the podium, Ryan taking the win, Doug second, and Earl third. Final podium was Luke, Ryan, and Doug!

Reedy 12th Mod: In the fastest class of the weekend, XRay’s Blake Bell showed why he’s last year’s Canadian National Champion, taking both wins. Josh Carter would take second, followed by Jason Melnyk in third. Round 2 would see Josh break, and Alex Pate take second, and Jason steady in third again. The final main had Jason Mardon take the win on the final lap over Josh, with Jason Melnyk in third, for a final podium of Blake, Josh and Jason Mardon!

Gripworks F1:  Local fast racer Brandon Rogers would take the first 2 mains, with Nick Weinrauch and Gert Swart close behind in round 1 and 2. Nick would take the final main, with Alex Pate finishing in front of Gert. Final standings, Brandon, Nick and Gert.

Concourse was awarded to Ryan Rice, with all 3 top picks receiving a PROTOform body with which to create their next masterpiece!