Maifield joins Flash Point… Not Mugen.. yet ?


In what we can only judge to be but a precursor to the ‘actual’ rumoured move to Mugen Seiki, the N.American distributor Mugen Seiki Racing announced the signing of Ryan Maifield to Flash Point R/C.

However… despite perhaps being best known for their fuel, and fuel related products, the press release continues as follows:

“…(he) will be using the full line of Flash Point accessories!

*Ryan will continue with his current fuel sponsor.”

So Ryan’s nitro cars will still be fed off Sidewinder fuel, but according to Flash Point’s website, he has the following ‘accessories’ at his disposal:¬†Silicone oils, all purpose cleaner, tyre sauce, pit mat, grease, fuel line, tyre glue and a fuel measuring syringe.

Flash Point R/C