Capricorn LAB F1-01 optional parts


Capricorn have introduced new options in the form of aluminium shock spring retainer and shims for the LAB F1-01 Formula car. First is an aluminium shock spring retainer that also works ad a droop register for the LAB F1-01 formula car and the other cars that share the same central shock. With the shock shaft screwed in the retainer and held into place by a grubscrew, the threaded pivot screws into the ball cup working as a shock length register and therefore as a droop register.

Second option for the F1-01 is a calibrated, high precision photoengraved 0.5mm shim that, placed between the bulkheads and the upper arm mount, adjusts the front end roll center.

Third is a pair of the same type of shims to be placed under the bulkheads in order to adjust the front chassis ground clearance.