STRC Axial aluminium optional parts & tools


ST Racing Concepts have introduced new aluminum optional parts for the Axial RR10 Bomber, Wraith, Yeti and SMT10 in the form of aluminium steering knuckles and two tools, a shock pliers and a turnbuckle wrench.

First up are the steering knuckle. CNC machined from high quality aluminum in one piece design and coming in the five colour choices of black, blue, green, gun metal and silver, these part help to increase durability and steering precision. When you combine the steering knuckles with a solid set of aluminum steering linkage, it will maximize the power out of your stock Axial servos by eliminating the flex that comes with the stock plastic parts.

Next up is the aluminum center drive shaft spline. it is also CNC machined from high quality aluminum and comes in blue anodizing. Available for RR10 Bomber (rear), SCX10 II Kit (rear) and Yeti (rear).

Also new are two new tools, an aluminum precision shock pliers and 4mm/5mm turnbuckle wrench. Both are now available in more variety of colors to match the nut drivers and universal wrench handles. Xray, Tamiya, and Traxxas/AE owners can now have tools that match up in anodizing colors (black/orange, dark blue and Tamiya blue) to their favorite vehicles.