Schumacher GT12 GP report


The annual Schumacher GP took place on Tuesday 27th December, this date being chosen due to being a UK Bank Holiday, we decided on this due to Christmas and New Year being on a weekend this year. It seemed to be a good choice as we had 97 drivers attend the event. The entries were mainly GT12 and then a couple of heats of LMP12. If you haven’t yet visited the MB Models race track, it will surely open your eyes. A fantastic permanent indoor venue, on site model shop and on site cafe cooking great food at good prices. A great track was designed by the MB Models track crew, many drivers saying what a great lay out it was.

The race format was four rounds of qualifying and one final for everyone. For GT12 the duration was 6 minutes and for LMP12 it was 8 minutes. This was done on round by round qualifying with the best 2 qualifying results to count towards the final grid position.

In qualifying it was very close at the top all day in GT12 but not so in LMP12. In LMP12 it was a dominant performance by Andy Murray taking TQ in all 4 qualifying rounds and therefore lining up on pole position for the A final.

For the GT12 class it was Andy Murray and Adam Catchpole that were battling it out on track, with Adam coming out on top and lining up on pole position for the A final. So on to the finals………….

After all of the racing action, here are the A final results:

LMP12 A Final

  1. Andy Murray
  2. Craig Nutting
  3. Leigh Dibble
  4. Dave Sedgwick
  5. Graham Raistrick
  6. David Foster
  7. Joe Hawnt
  8. Bob Hill
  9. Colin Mulligan
  10. Mark Deacon

GT12 A Final

  1. Adam Catchpole
  2. Andy Murray
  3. Kieren Manders
  4. Thomas Hampson
  5. Craig Mawson
  6. Leigh Dibble
  7. Greg Williams
  8. Craig Binns
  9. Simon Hadley
  10. Ben Vincent

Once the racing had finished the presentation took place, as it is around Christmas time there was a selection box for each of the top 3 in every final, the winner of each final also won a Sky RC car stand. Next up was the famous Schumacher raffle. There was at least one raffle prize available to someone in each final, congratulations to all of the lucky winners. We also held a concourse competition for the best looking bodyshell that was being used at the event and the lucky winner won a £25 gift voucher from MB Models, congratulations!

Schumacher’s young Louis Parker was the top junior at the event, just missing out on the A final but drove brilliantly to win the B final.