RugRacers 2016/2017 Rd3 report


Round 3 and the final round before the christmas break saw a full capacity entry along with the popularity of GT12 an extra heat was put on taking the entries up to 44. As is now becoming a tradition all racers were asked to bring an item of food that went to the foodbank to help those less so fortunate during Christmas.

Racing started with the GT12s 1st out and a stellar start for Andy Murray making his RugRacers GT12 debut alongside current European Junior LMP stock Champion Ollie Payne would ensure Tim Hancock was going to have an even more difficult day. The A Final would see Andy Murray take Leg 1 from Tim & Niall while Leg 2 went to Niall Cochran from Andy Murray & Ben Elliott.

  1. Andy Murray
  2. Niall Cochran
  3. Tim Hancock
  4. Ben Elliott
  5. Owen Smith
  6. Mark Deacon
  7. Chris Wilkinson
  8. Neil Mottram
  9. Carl Beecroft
  10. Ollie Payne
  11. Stuart Barber

17.5, Saw Billy Fletcher with FTF in every heat with his closest competitor being Matthew Worton from the top heat, however Gary Jones made it up to 2nd from the next heat down so Mr Worton was to line up 3rd.  Both Legs saw a break away from the top 3 meaning they finished with the status quo of Billy top of the tree J.

Gary Jones 2nd, Billy Fletcher 1st, Matt Worton 3rd

  1. Billy Fletcher
  2. Gary Jones
  3. Matthew Worton
  4. Mark Young
  5. Aaron Rose
  6. Jamie Hickin
  7. Dani Young
  8. Michael Ball
  9. Malc Hall
  10. Andrew Walters

F1 once again found Luke Lee in totally dominant form leaving everyone else in his wake leaving the rest of the field to fight over the other spots, Luke would take both Finals legs leaving Martin Southall to come home 2nd in both with Lee Hedges 3rd in Leg 1 & Javier 3rd in leg 2.

Martin Southall 2nd, Luke Lee 1st, Remo Casadei 3rd

  1. Luke Lee
  2. Martin Southall
  3. Remo Casadei
  4. Michael Cook
  5. Javier Jimenez-Pradillo
  6. Lee Hedges
  7. Tony Archer
  8. Alan Chipolina

13.5 Open saw Zak Finlay back and in dominant form again, Ashley Wiffen was on hand to keep him honest, Zak would take Legs 1 & 2 wins with Ashley very close behind, Leg 1 3rd place went to Jon Seals, with Dale Burr making 3rd his for Leg 2.

Ashley Wiffen 2nd, Zak Finlay 1st, Jon Seals 3rd

  1. Zak Finlay
  2. Ashley Wiffen
  3. Jon Seals
  4. Damian Giddins
  5. Dale Burr
  6. Liam Hammond
  7. Ben Eastmead
  8. Matthew White
  9. Jason Coe
  10. Douglas Campbell

A good day was finished off with lots of happy faces, and an opportunity that isn’t regularly seen as to how all our junior drivers got on today, so Overall they did as follows in each Class:


Owen Smith 5th A Final
Daniel Robins 3rd B Final
Darcie Smith 1st C Final
Jake Vincent 4th C Final
Shane Chipolina 9th C Final
Ethan Southall 4th D Final
Preston Eldridge 5th D Final
Holly Cook 6th D Final

17.5 Blinky

Adam Southgate 2nd C Final