Wilck & Von Elling win Swedish National Series Rd3


This past weekend saw the third round of the Swedish national series was held in Linkoping at IRC Arena. Roughly 60 drivers attended the event in the 1/12, 1/10 Touring car and the F1class. IRC made an flawless event and the race was ran on medium grip carpet although most discussions during the weekend being about the “BAKU F1-replica” track containing narrow passes, tight chicanes as well as non-forgiving walls and corner markings.

In the Touring car class Victor Wilck made a clean sweep taking both TQ as well as all three A-mains. Runner up was Marcus von Elling on the first time out with the new T4-17 car. Wilck had a good speed during all weekend and even though the speed was up for the rest of the pack, Marcus was the only driver who managed to match Wilck´s sub-12 second lap times with just 0.2 of a second behind. The battle for second spot was between Marcus von Elling and Fabian Wernersson where the latter had to settle for third.

In the F1-class XRAY took all three top spots with X1 cars in the hands of the von Elling family. Fredrik and Marcus battled it out during the qualification as well as in the finals with Fredrik taking the checkered flag in A-main #3 as number one and secured the victory before Marcus and Günter von Elling as third. Credits also goes to debutant driver Elsa Boman, only 8 years old who made a good progress during the race.

Touring Car top 3:

  1. Victor Wilck
  2. Marcus von Elling – XRAY T4
  3. Fabian Wernersson

F1 class top 3:

  1. Frederik von Elling – XRAY X1
  2. Marcus von Elling – XRAY X1
  3. Gunter von Elling – XRAY X1