Smyk sweeps Pro Stock & Stock at Polish Championship Rd3


The track of the 3rd Championship of Poland took place in Warsaw. The race was ran by multiple classes: Formula, GT, Stock (17.5T/Blink), Kadet (21.5T/Blink), ProStock (13.5T/Blink), 1/12 Pancar and three classes from RC School. The racing surface was an ETS carpet and everybody had good traction especially in Stock and Prostock where we were driving on Volante tires. The track layout had wide, fast corners and right side was tight with spicy turns. There weren’t any corner plates in the corners. It was unwise to go too close to the corners, there was a risk of hitting and damaging the servo.

In Qualifications Xray’s Arkadiusz Smyk took the overall TQ in both ProStock and Stock classes. In finals of ProStock Michał Wójcik overtook Bartosz Pochopień and he quickly occupied the second place and chased Smyk but he managed to won. Drivers finished in this order. In the Stock class Smyk also won three finals making two more laps than other drivers. Krystian Kopacki in second and Paweł Trella in third completed the podium.

ProStock Results:

  1. Arkadiusz Smyk (XRAY)
  2. Michał Wójcik (XRAY)
  3. Bartosz Pochopień
  4. Bartosz Zalewski
  5. Andrzej Trella (XRAY)
  6. Mariusz Zachacz (XRAY)
  7. Roman Dębiec
  8. Łukasz Mach
  9. Michał Sitek
  10. Karolo Sputo (XRAY)

Stock Results:

  1. Arkadiusz Smyk (XRAY)
  2. Krystian Kopacki (XRAY)
  3. Paweł Trella (XRAY)
  4. Łukasz Polak
  5. Maciej Gałecki
  6. Łukasz Mach
  7. Piotr Stankiewicz
  8. Marek Cisek
  9. Rafal Ilendo
  10. Bruno Zachacz (XRAY)