New Contact 1/8 tyres


Contact RC have unveiled they all new 1/8th Nitro tyres. Developed in conjunction with their international team drivers Simon Kurzbuch, Robert Pietsch and Tony Gruber to provide the best performance and life for the demanding 1/8th Nitro class. The Contact 1/8 tyres are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK by Schumacher Racing.


  • New awesome looking black 5 spoke design.
  • New lightweight but more impact resistant design.
  • Manufactured with new low sensitivity to high temperature material.
  • New grub screw balancing system.
  • New rear width 60.50 mm.
  • New front width 38.00 mm.
  • New larger diameter 53.90mm.
  • New improved foam gluing process.
  • Aerodynamics sticker discs and Contact decals included in each box.