MRC Vianen Cup Rd2 report


Team Magic dutch drivers Richard Arts, Ronald Arts and Rob Janssen participated the second round of MRC Vianen Cup in Netherlands.

Race report by Rob Janssen:

I did not feel well Saturday but Sunday morning I felt good enough to go racing. Still not 100% but racing needs to go on! It was a busy race with many people attending it, around 60 in 4 categories. On a not permanent indoor track here in the Netherlands that is huge!! Before qualifying started I have been able to quickly do a few laps to run in some new tires. It did not felt great but had good hope with some more additive on it in first qualification it would be good.

It was OK, but missed a lot of traction compared to last time I was there. It was good enough to secure a spot in the A-main Top 3. So for second qualification I decided to give a try on my old tires from last race. This felt how it should feel, really good. I made a small mistake by rolling over once, this costed me around 1 second. At the end I came in second, 0,08 seconds behind Robert Krens. All three finals I needed to start from second spot.

In the first final we had a clean start but after 2 laps I was a bit surprised about the lack of cornerspeed from Robert so hit him from behind. I waited and both continued on 2 and 3 but next corner Robert immediately made a mistake so I continued on second spot chasing Wesley. It was not very hard to close the gap but it was hard to pass him. Eventually he entered the corner going on the straight very tight so I expected a wide exit from him. This happened so I crossed back and was able to make it a body to body side by side to the end of the straight with me on the insight/good side. From here I finished the race in first.

In the second final I was really close behind Robert the first few laps. Now knowing to take it easy in some corners to prevent hitting him again. After a few laps he rolled over so I made a pass. He staid close behind me untill the end but never had the chance to make a move. So after two finals the win of the day was secured.

Third final was again with a great start. At the end of first lap Robert took a very wide line end of the straight so I made a clean & quick pass and stayed in the lead from there. At the end I lapped all cars once or more because there were some battles going on which costed them a lot of time.

Starting second but finishing first in all thee finals felt really great! I look forward to the TM meeting next weekend in Antwerpen. See you there!

Overall Ranking:

A – 1. Rob Janssen – Team magic E4RS III Plus
A – 2. Wesley Van Dijken
A – 3. Robert Krens
A – 4. Ronald Arts – Team magic E4RS III Plus
A – 5. Michel Peterse
A – 6. Richard Arts – Team magic E4RS III Plus
A – 7. Joop Voorn
A – 8. Eric Mulder
B – 9. Jan Kraanen
B – 10. Rick Van Den Akker
B – 11. Michel Van Der Velden
B – 12. Dave Lunenburg
B – 13. Bert Geurts
B – 14. Maarten Coenen
B – 15. Jan Van Goor
B – 16. Nico Beijerbacht
C – 17. Roel Jongenelis
C – 18. Harry Veldman
C – 19. Remco Mutsaerts
C – 20. Rick Arendsen
C – 21. Marco Van Leeuwen
C – 22. Yoeri Methorst
C – 23. Jeroen Van Outvorst
C – 24. Jos Van Riel