Alexander Hagberg doubles BRCA 1/12 National Rd3


The third round of the popular BRCA 1/12 national series was held at the Wilnecoat High School in Tamworth, close to Birmingham, in UK. A total of 71 entries joined the race in 3 different classes.
On Saturday, the whole field ran in the 13.5T stock class. After a close qualifying, Alexander Hagberg managed to hold on to the TQ spot, right in front of David Spashett and Adam Catchpole. After a clean start in the final, Hagberg could run an uneventful race to take the overall victory from Adam Catchpole in second and Ollie Payne in third. Sunday continued with the prestigious 6.5T Modified category. Hagberg was able to take the win in every round of qualifying.In final Hagberg took a tone to tone victory after a perfect race, and won by a margin of over a lap. Andy Murray in second and David Spashett completed the podium.

Result 13.5T:

  1. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X12’17
  2. Adam Catchpole
  3. Ollie Payne
  4. David Spashett
  5. Mark Stiles
  6. Aidan Ripley
  7. Craig Nutting
  8. Mick Farrell
  9. Ben Vincent
  10. Andy Murray

Result 6.5T:

  1. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X12’17
  2. Andy Murray
  3. David Spashett
  4. Mark Stiles
  5. Mick Farrell
  6. Ollie Payne
  7. Matt Lax
  8. Aaron Morley
  9. Adam Catchpole
  10. Chris Kerswell