MIP 1/5 header gasket & header lock wire set



MIP have introduced header gasket and header lock wire set for Losi 5ive-T. First up is the header gasket, made in the same material used in the dragster engine world, it will prevent leaking from non-reusable header gaskets. Tested and proven for months to stand up to heat, pressure, and the insane vibrations from our engines, be assured that MIP’s new header gasket is made to last.


For the best results couple the header gasket with header lock wire to prevent that the header pipe come off during a run. With this oldie but goodie design you can rest assured that you will never hear the distinctive BAAAAAAHHHHHH sound that signifies your header pipe just came off. With the use of this product it is quite impossible for the bolts to loosen up as the other bolt will be pulled on by the wire subsequently tightening itself up. 100% made and designed in the USA.