Maifield: Destination Mugen (& Yokomo) ?



As the eloquent JQ put it in his early analysis of the silly season a week ago… ” I mean what the hell is going on.”

Ryan Maifield, a name etched into the history books of offroad, be it 1/8 or 1/10. His move from Team Associated to arch-rivals TLR on the eve of the 2014 IFMAR Worlds only slightly less earth-shuddering than Mr Trump’s election victory.

“Could Maifield finally get his bromance going with Drake at Mugen ?”

Yet, here we are two years on, the rumours persisting that Maifield’s on his way out of TLR – the racing arm of Horizon Hobby, a big ol’ company with lots of security and backing behind it to join relative minnows Mugen Seiki and (we presume) Yokomo in 1/10th Offroad.

The question is, do Mugen have the funds ?

They are the original company that only produces RC vehicles for racing, no RTR or basher versions, only performance coming straight outta Compton Japan from designer Koji Sanada. But… RTRs pay the bills…

Lets bring up JQ’s unusually good analysis:

Exhibit A: Maifield joined TLR at least in part thanks to Adam Drake. Drake then got canned by TLR before Maifield even got to race with TLR, and he went to Mugen.

Exhibit B: Drivers have been leaving Mugen, Ongaro, Lee Martin, Baldo’s, could it be because Mugen was making room for Maifield. Could Maifield finally get his bromance going with Drake at Mugen. It’s looking that way.

If it does happen, it’s bad news. He will be going from what I thought to be the worst car for him (TLR) to the best (Mugen). He can drive punched out of his mind with that thing, just as long as he can find the steering. If this deal really is happening then expect Mugen to finally start winning big in America.