Yokomo BL4 Series ESC, ZERO 2 motors & combo



Yokomo have updated the BL4 Series brushless speed controller and the brushless motor ZERO 2. First up is the BL4 Series speed controller based on the BL-3 series widely used for racing and drift market in the world. The series are consists of BL-PRO4, BL-RS4 and BL-SP4 for the variety of category and purpose. PRO4 and RS4 has 1 cell LiPo booster and come with all aluminum case for high heat protection, especially PRO4 are bundled with new cooling fan and aluminum fan guard as full spec version. And be able to protram more precise boost, turbo delay and slope. Breaks are possible to program an independent frequesncy for 3 different mode. BL-PRO4 and RS4 has increased it’s performance as well as toughness. As for BL-SP4, it is more affordable but newly added Turbo function with it’s compact casing chassis. This standard ESC has updated for more powerful feature for variety of new entry levels customers.


  • Boost adjustment programable in Rev and Throttle posisions
  • Turbo function probramable in Turbo delay, Turbo Sloop
  • Break are problamable on Min, Med, Max throttle posision
  • Brakes are 2 kinds, Soft anHard
  • ESC Motor out put terminal possible to change A-B-C to C-B-A
  • Forward, Brake and Neutral break, programable in independent frequency
  • 1 cell, 3.7V Lipo capable at BL-PRO4 and BL-RS4 (Boost circuit mounted)
  • High voltage servo, available at BEC output 7.4V
  • Brushless censored motors only
  • Original programmer YBP4 is essential for proper programming


Next up are the ZERO 2 motors for racing and drift category is also updated. This series are good shape on power feeling and response in widely use for the intermediate class with affordable price range. The motor case has new desined with black anodized color with big Zero 2 logo. The motor case is full covered for prevent from the dust and suitable for on road track as well as off road and parking lot drivers. Yokomo have also released a package of new BL4 brushless speed controler and ZERO 2 motors. These combos will be nice for the customer who use Yokomo electronics first time, and also suitable for entry to intemediate levels drivers in any categories.

All these products will be available in December.