LRP XT60 FPV-Race-Pack LIHV Batteries



LRP have introduced a new range of XT60 batteries specially designed for your FPV racer. Now you can profit from the LRP experience acquired in all RC car racing classes in your FPV racer. The LiHV technology guarantees high voltage for top performances – even under extreme loads and the batteries can be charged much faster due to the 8C charge current. The XT60U high voltage connector ensures an easy and safe application. Shorter wires guarantee better handling and the connectors are 100% compatible to the standard XT60 version. Available in 3s/4S 1000 mAh and 3S/4S 1600 mAh.

lrp-xt60-fpv-race-pack-lihv-batteries3 lrp-xt60-fpv-race-pack-lihv-batteries2