LRP AE Challenge Racing in Italy announcement



Germany’s most popular Onroad racing series has reached Italy. The series has just started it’s inaugural winter season with two races of the LRP AE Challenge North already been run. The turnout was fantastic, with a total of more than 70 drivers in attendance; the events were completely booked out. For this winter season, a total of 16 races are scheduled in the three regions north, centre and south. The winter season will then conclude in an Italian finale in April, where drivers from all three regional series will fight for the Italian champions. After that, The LRP AE Challenge Italy spring and summer season will commence. A fourth regional series for Sicily is currently in planning and will also have its premiere shortly.

Four racing classes are being held at each of the events. These are Touring 13.5T, Touring 17.5T, Formula One and Cinquone 299. The funny thing about the Cinquone 299 racing class is that only touring cars with scale Cinquone 299 body shells are allowed to participate. For all who have never heard of Cinquone 299, these are essentially race style tuned versions of the famous Fiat 500 car with up to 248hp. So these small cars are basically rockets on wheels …there is even a real racing competition for these cars.

Umberto Pernice and his team managers Roberto De Luise (Manager Northern Italy), Mauro Fabiano & Fabrizio Di Michele (Managers Center Italy) and Salvatore Salpietro (Manager Southern Italy) are managing this series. For more information please refer to