MRC Vianen Indoor Cup 2016-2017 Rd1 report



Original Report from Rob Janssen:

On sunday we went to Vianen for the first indoor cup of this indoor season. Few weeks before we went there to attend the opening Speed Weekend with great result. A week before this first “normal” indoor race we went there as well to do a little practise again.

This time a changed my chassis from the 2.5mm carbon to the alumina chassis to try out it’s handling. I did 4 runs and felt pretty great from the start. More easy and predictable to drive. Due to the harder chassis I felt loosing a little grip and steering in the car which i compromised by going a little softer on shock oil and springs. This kept the easy handling but made the overall grip and steering better. Before my fast lap was a single 9.9. Now i was able to do multiple 9.9 laps in 1 run.

This Sunday on the race, I went there with same set-up as i tried the week before. So i kept the aluminium chassis. After qualifying I did TQ’ed with the only one doing 36 laps so felt pretty good when going into the finals.

In final 1, I was able to quickly create a little gap to the #2, Wesley v. Dijken. I also improved my laptime to a 9.8. Nearly at the end he was coming back a little and i got unlucky when lapping some guys. Wesley passed me and finished first, I came in second.

Final 2 was a little better and more easy. Again I quickly made a little gap to Wesley. After a few laps he rolled over and made some mistakes which gave me a very big lead. I took it easy and finished first this run.

Final 3 looked easy after a few laps as I was able to again quickly make a good gap to Wesley. But halfway to the end I saw him slowly closing in on me. The last 2 laps were close with some body-to-body racing but at the end I came in first.

Next time I will try to figure out why I’m very quick at the beginning but lose a little at the end. Maybe battery or tire treatment. Unfortunately, no picture of the podium has been made. Sorry for that.

Overall Ranking:

A – 1. Rob Janssen – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 2. Wesley van Dijken
A – 3. Richard Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 4. Ronald Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 5. Michel Peterse
A – 6. Michel van der Velden
A – 7. Joop Voorn
A – 8. Thijs van Mourik
B – 9. Eric Mulder
B – 10. Dave Lunenburg
B – 11. Bert Geurts
B – 12. Martijn van der Drift
B – 13. Bram Lagerwey
B – 14. Pascal Laan
B – 15. Jan Van Goor
B – 16. Jasper Oldenhof
C – 17. Maarten Coenen
C – 18. Nico Beijerbacht
C – 19. Bert, de Winter
C – 20. Jaco Bouman
C – 21. Roel Jongenelis
C – 22. Ben Looijen
C – 23. Patricia Wessels
C – 24. Remco Mutsaerts
D – 25. Marco Van Leeuwen
D – 26. Hampy Janssen
D – 27. Jos van Riel
D – 28. Jeroen van Outvorst