Markus Hellquist wins at Swedish Indoor Cup Rd1



The first round of the South Swedish Indoor Cup was held in Alvesta, arranged by Wäxjö MS. The track was as always quite technical with medium traction. The qualifying result was based on the best single result, out of three rounds in total. Markus Hellquist showed the best 5-minute pace and won the qualifying a few seconds ahead of Erik Ström, with Fabian Vernersson coming in only 2 tenths behind Ström. The finals then saw some close racing within position 2-5. A few mistakes, and some hits made for an interesting race. In the end Markus Hellquist came out as overall winner, after 3 a-final victories. Erik Ström defended his second qualifying spot and Daniel Carlsson managed to seize the last podium place in third.

Final results:

  1. Markus Hellquist XRAY T4
  2. Erik Ström XRAY T4
  3. Daniel Carlsson Yokomo BD7’16
  4. Mikael Fransson Associated TC7.1
  5. Andreas Johansson Serpent 4x
  6. Fabian vernersson Serpent 4x
  7. Marcus von Elling XRAY T4
  8. Lukas Knutsson Serpent Eryx 4.0
  9. Jimmy Larsson XRAY T4
  10. Mattis Järgren XRAY T4