XRS Slovakia Rd1 report



Race report by Martin Bayer & Andrej Vnucko

This weekend was the first round of very popular series XRS Slovakia. Everybody had chance to drive at the best facility in the world. Series is very popular here and we had 130 + drivers. The track was open on Friday morning for free practices. Saturday morning started with free practices for drivers who had no chance to come on Friday.

After Martin Hudy welcomed everyone at the track, he explained new rules for this year. There is many of them but I think most changes has been done in on-road. TC classes modified and stock use Hudy tires which worked really well. Stock and Formula run with hand-out motor from Hobbywing. Every driver receives his Hobbywing motor for the race and then gives it back at the end of the race. This has very good effect, every car has the same speed and nobody could cheat with motor.

Off-road racing saw a new class, stadium truck. It’s very new class where we had only few drivers but many other drivers were impressed and got interested. I think next race we’ll see many new drivers in this class. In off-road it was me who was leading at all 3 classes during qualification and finals. I took 3x TQ and 3x Win. Fight for second place was pretty strong between Bidovsky and Gotzl.


1/10 stock: 
The most represented class was 1/10 Stock with 13.5T motors. The new rules attracted many national and international drivers. TQ in this class gained young talented driver Oliver Havranek in front of Tono Sloboda and Peter Loncsar. In finals Oliver was uncatchable and won this class in front of Peter Loncsar and Tono Sloboda.

1/10 modified
: In this class there were also many national and international racers trying to take the top of the podium. The fastest driver from them was XRAY designer Martin Hudy who got TQ in front of young Oliver Havranek and Nico Haider. Martin Hudy was able to easily secure the first place. Second place gained Oliver Havranek and third Nico Haider.

1/12 GT: 
The TQ in the brand new class in this country took Andrej Vnucko. Second was Igor Liptak and third Branislav Panak. After close battles in finals Andrej Vnucko won this class in front of second Igor Liptak and third Branislav Panak.

1/10 Formula: 
In this very competitive and great for spectating class with handed Hobbywing 21,5 motors it was Martin Hudy who set the pace and grabbed the TQ. Second was Andrej Vnucko and third Peter Loncsar. After great finals full of fair battles Martin Hudy won this class in front of Andrej Vnucko in the second and Peter Loncsar in the third place.

1/10 Pancar: 
In qualifications the overall TQ gained Andrej Vnucko in front of Rudo Kadlecik and Vladimir Viskup. In the finals drivers finished in the same order as they finished in qualifications. Finals won Andrej Vnucko, Rudo Kaldecik second and Vladimir Viakup third.

1/12 Modified
: Tomas Liptak with his XRAY X12 TQed in front of Robin Kaiser and Branislav Panak.
Finals won Tomas Liptak. Second place gained Clemens Toscani and third Vladimir Viskup.

Final results:

Top 3 4WD

  1. Martin Bayer     XRAY XB4´16
  2. Aleš Bidovský    XRAY XB4´16
  3. Max Gotzl           XRAY XB4´16


Top 3 2WD

  1. Martin Bayer     XRAY XB2´17
  2. Aleš Bidovský    XRAY XB2´17
  3. Max Gotzl           XRAY XB2´17


Top 3 Stadium truck

  1. Martin Bayer     XRAY XT2
  2. Max Gotzl           XRAY XT2
  3. Juraj Hudy          XRAY XT2


Top 3 TC Modified

  1. Martin Hudy – XRAY T4
  2. Oliver Havranek – XRAY T4
  3. Nico Haider – XRAY T4


Top 3 TC Stock 

  1. Oliver Havranek – XRAY T4
  2. Peter Loncsar – Yokomo
  3. Tono Sloboda – XRAY T4


Top 3 1:12 GT

  1. Andrej Vnucko – Xray
  2. Igor Liptak – Xray
  3. Branislav Panak – Xray


Top 3 1:12 Modified

  1. Tomas Liptak – Xray
  2. Clemens Toscani – BlackArt
  3. Vladimir Viskup – Xray


Top 3 Pan Car

  1. Andrej Vnucko – Xray
  2. Rudo Kadlecik – Xray
  3. Vladimir Viskup – Xray



  1. Martin Hudy – Xray
  2. Andrej Vnucko – Xray
  3. Peter Loncsar – VBC