Shepherd Velox V8 “WC” 1/8 nitro on-road kit



After an extensive development and testing Shepherd introduces the Velox V8 “WC” car kit. Made to honor the 2015 World Championship title of Simon Kurzbuch the Velox V8 “WC” features state-of-the-art technologies as well as proven design features.

As Simon used a prototype 0.8 module gearbox at the worlds in Brazil it was the main focus to implement it in the new kit to make a good car even better. After extensive testing the new gearbox meets our high quality standard and saves about 20% weight compared to it’s predecessor improving the acceleration significantly.

To extend the lifteime of the rear bulkheads they are equipped with new composite bushing for the ball bearings of the rear anti-roll bar mounts allowing in a more precise setting of the anti-roll bar at the same time. Furthermore small details were optimized like the updated side belt tensioner with bigger ball bearings for a longer lifetime and a smoother drive train.

Details such as the aerodynamic front bumper, the 2-piece front and rear bulkheads, the Direct-V-Brake system and the ball-raced wire anti-roll bars remain the same on the “WC” kit as does the single piece radio tray with laydown servo mounts and the Velox-Easy-Flex ball raced sliding bar for optimised chassis flex

The Velox V8 “WC” kits are available from now on. In a few days Shepherd will also present a “Simon Kurzbuch Edition”. This special edition includes all the option parts used by Simon and will be available soon.

shepherd-velox-v8-wc5shepherd-velox-v8-wc2 shepherd-velox-v8-wc1shepherd-velox-v8-wc3 shepherd-velox-v8-wc4