German Indoor Master 2016 report



Race report by Mattia Pesenti: 

It was my first participation at this event and I knew that indoor racing with nitro cars is always particular (setup, tyres, etc.).  Traugott Schaer and Beat Heiniger already gave me some tips before the race so I arrived at the track with the tyres ready and a basic setup. In the first practice it wasn’t possible to drive, it was like driving on ice, but already in the second practice the car was better. We did some little changes and on Friday evening the car was really good. During the 4 rounds of qualifying we tried some more things and I could finished the 4 rounds in second position behind Tobias Kerler.

During the semifinal the car wasn’t easy to drive like on Saturday but I tried to drive carefully in order to be in the main final. Unfortunately Tobias Kerler didn’t reach the final because he crashed the car at 5mins to go, a car left the pit lane without Kerler noticing.

The start was quite strange because we didn’t hear the horn so I started badly and I was on 7th position but I begin to push hard and the car was very fast and easy to drive. Before the final we did some other improvements and it was impressive. After 5mins I was chasing Manuela Raso in the lead, she did a mistake and so I took the lead until the end of the race. I won the 30mins final and did the best lap of the weekend.

Top 3 1/8

  1. Mattia Pesenti – XRAY
  2. Armin Baier – Capricorn
  3. Renato Ali – ARC

Top 3 1/10

  1. Dominic Greiner – Serpent
  2. Melvin Diekmann – Shepherd
  3. Patrick Fankhauser – XRAY