Jérome Defrenne wins at Modelifun Rd1



The first round of Modelifun championship was held in Meux, between Brussels and Namur, in Belgium. In TC class, belgian Team Magic driver, Jérome Defrenne won the race in front of Michel Smets and Pascal Delferiere.

Final result:

Jerome Defrenne – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
2. Michel Smets
3. Pascal Delferiere
4. Cedric Colen
5. Cornard Olivier – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
6. Ludovic Petrucci
7. Jean-Philippe Vassart
8. Hubert Cathelain – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
9. Christophe Cathelain
10. Michael Haeyen
11. Joachim Servais
12. Eric Daniels
13. Christian Houbben
14. Denis Mataisse
15. Michel Tihon
16. Christophe Pleger
17. Raphael Benkhelifa
18. Fabian Gorreux
19. Lucie Vassart
20. Johan Van Dijck
21. Philippe Servais
22. Michel Fichet