Danish DRCMU Nats Rd1 report



Race report by Mike Gosvig:

First race was held in Randers RC club, a big hall with some grey ETS carpet, and a very technical but nice layout!

Superstock class

The race day came and I was ready, the first qualy I did not got a good feeling of the tires, and I made 2 place 1 second behind Patrick Folman who made TQ this round. Next qualy I made some changes to the car and it was good from the start! I made TQ with 2 second down to Frederik Broløs, I made new fastest TQ time also, and fastest lap of race! Also next round I took the TQ again in front of Frederik Broløs! with 1.5 seconds.

First final Patrick Folman was second and made good pressure on me all final, last lap he made overtake out on the straight as I touch the curb! Right after I made aggressive pass inside end of straight as Patrick was a little outside there, and I got the front again! I made it to the finish line in first, Folman touched the curb and Broløs got on the inside and got 2 place just in front of Folman!

Second final I add some more timing to my engine, as the other cars were faster on the straight! This made me pull away a lot easier, and I won the main with 4 seconds to Folman and Broløs right behind him!

Last final I decided to test something on my car, and I won that final with 7 seconds as Folman and Broløs was fighting, Broløs got the 2 place also overall!

Overall standings:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4’17 – R1 wurks – TQ
  2. Frederik Brolos – Yokomo – R1 wurks
  3. Patrick Folman – XRAY T4’17 – R1 wurks
  4. Kevin Nielsen – XRAY T4’17 – R1 wurks
  5. Patrick Danielsen – XRAY T4’17 – R1 wurks
  6. Pelle Culmsee – don’t know . R1 wurks
  7. Steven M. Olsen – XRAY T4’17 – R1 wurks
  8. Stefan Finnich – Schumacher – Reds


Modified class:

Car was amazing, and I just needed to drive the car! First qualy I made TQ with 4 seconds to Frederik Hovgaard, and Michael Hovgaard in 3rd. Second qualy I again took TQ with 8 seconds, car was amazing as I made a setup change! And Frederik made a last lap mistake. Last qualy again TQ with 3 seconds to Frederik, as I made some small mistakes.

First final went pretty well, I took the start and pulled away, I won with 3 seconds! Next final I had a gap on 5 seconds, but then my rear belt broke! So on last lap Frederik could drive by and take the win as I did not have a chance to drive fast, car was 2 seconds slower each lap with 2wd… Last final I again pulled away and won with 4 seconds to Frederik Hovgaard!

Standings overall:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4’17 – TQ
  2. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo
  3. Michael Hovgaard – Awesomatix
  4. Morten Iversen – Schumacher
  5. Rasmus Callesen – Serpent
  6. Mike Hansen – Schumacher
  7. Christian Lassen – Schumacher

teamxray.com (photos from Isabella Katrine Kjeldbjerg Photography)