Zsolt Kalnay wins Hungarian Electric National Championship Rd1



The first round of the Hungarian Electric National Championship was held in Budapest last week. The home of the opening round of this indoor winter series was a special event, the TEMOFESZT, Technical Model Railway Festival, which attracted many visitors to enjoy the variety of model trains, RC trucks and RC racing cars. The black carpet track was laid onto a tongue & grooved OSB boards covered surface, inside one of the buildings of the Hungarian Railway Museum. This three days long event started with free practice on Friday, continued with on-road racing on Saturday and ended with off-road racing on Sunday. The grip of the track built up early during Friday practice thanks to the short layout and the black carpet.

In 1/10 TC Modified class Zsolt Kalnay won all three qualifying rounds and secured the TQ position on the grid.

In the first final there was a close fight for the win between Balint Rajki and Kalnay. At the early stage of the final Kalnay made a small error in one corner, but it was just enough for Balint to overtake him. Hopefully, later in the final, Kalnay could take back the leading position and kept it till the finish line and won the first final.

Kalnay will have an easier job in the second final, because the drivers behind him were fighting for 2nd place, so he could confidently won that final. Thanks to this two wins, Kalnay won the race.

Modified Top 3:

  1. Zsolt Kalnay – XRAY T4’17
  2. Balint Rajki
  3. Viktor Juhasz