Interview with Ronald Völker



It’s a wrap! Ronald Völker tops a highly successful year with the world championship in Beijing. A title that was still missing in his collection. Right before he became German National Champion in Singen and European Champion in Trencin. He also won the prestigious Reedy Race of Champions. Bernd Bohlen talked to the Yokomo team driver about the titles and about his future goals.

Bernd Bohlen: Congratulations! You were close in Heemsteede 2012 and in Kissimme 2014. In Beijing 2016 you finally made it. Happy and satisfied?

Ronald Völker: Thank you very much. It could not have been better in the end. To finally reach what you have been seeking for years is overwhelming.

Bernd Bohlen: The third final was the deciding one. Bruno Coelho won the first final and you won the second one. You were out in front quickly with hard battles for positions behind you. How did you manage to keep your concentration? When did you realize you are the new World Champion?

Ronald Völker: The battles already started when Bruno Coelho turned me on the first lap. On lap number three, I thought I could make it if nothing bad is happening. The gap was big enough and my car was perfect right on time.

“The hard work paid off”

Bernd Bohlen: Your win got Yokomo the second title in a row. How important was this success to you?

Ronald Völker: Xray got the ETS title so this success came right in time. It shows that the hard work of everyone involved really paid off.

Bernd Bohlen: Your mechanic Yukijiro Umino was overwhelmed. He traveled the world with you several times the last years. Which part did he play in this win?

Ronald Völker: He plays a big part in our common success. Since I have been at LRP for almost eleven years now, it’s already been eight years with Yokomo. Since then we work and travel together which also connects emotionally. Our communication got better and better and I learned a lot in this time.

Bernd Bohlen: A lot of big names in racing remain faithful to their brand. One knows you best as a Yokomo driver and representative of LRP. Marc Rheinard is driving for Tamiya since 2004, Ryan Cavalieri is an inherent part of Team Associated and Atsushi Hara drove for Hot Bodies for over a decade. Is this continuity a prerequisite for success?

Ronald Völker: Everybody needs to decide for themselves. If you feel well and in good hands and everybody cherishes each other there is no reason for changes. This is also true for me.

“I want to take back the ETS title”

Bernd Bohlen: You finally won every important title at least once. Now a new season is about to start. What are your goals? How do you stay motivated?

Ronald Völker: I do not have any trouble to stay motivated. Even after the WC the appetite for victory is still there. Primary I want to take back the ETS title.

Bernd Bohlen: You also remain faithful to your club MBC Goldstein. Which influence did your club have when you started RC racing?

Ronald Völker: I have been in the club MRC Gelnhausen for years when I was a kid. For already 17 years I am a member of MBC Goldstein. I think it is really important to be a part of a club in RC racing. You are able to learn a lot and get some connections to the RC car scene.

Bernd Bohlen: Thank you very much and good luck for the new season!

Many thanks to BRCNEWS (photo) and Bernd Bohlen for the right to publish the interview.