UK Serpent GT8 CUP 2016-17 announcement



Serpent supported by Serpent-UK and Elite RC Racing have announced the GT8 CUP for the season 2016-17. The aim of this series is to provide a realistic and cost effective class of racing using any Serpent Cobra GT chassis. All cars must be a reasonable likeness of a full size GT racing car. Race Series will consist of 5 Events and a Grand Final on 12th March 2017, all raced at Halifax. Each Event will be race using TQ qualifying and A-Z Finals. Driver with the highest number of points score (3 out of 5 events and Grand Final) will become UK Serpent GT8 CUP Winner.

Electric powered Cars:

  • Maximum of 4S (2 x 2S) Batteries can be used, any Motor or ESC.
  • Lipo batteries MUST be ’Hard cased’ type and charged in a suitable closed ‘Lipo sack’.

Nitro powered Cars:

  • Engine capacity shall not exceed .21 (3.5cc) and must be the standard Novarossi Nitro pull start engine, provided with the Serpent RTR kit. (Novarossi Loco). The only modification allowed is the existing ‘Pull start’ can be replaced with a ‘Roto start’ system, this must remain operative at all times. 
Carb Venturi must not exceed 8mm.
  • The Engine must at ALL times be fitted with a suitable silencer/muffler. Exhaust outlet must point horizontally or below.
  • A BRCA-EFRA approved INS box type air filter must be fitted at ALL times. Modifications to INS boxes will only be allowed for wet weather use (one hole with a maximum diameter of 3mm in the base of the INS box to allow for water drainage).
Fuel system, maximum tank capacity (including tank and any or all fuel pipes/filters) shall not exceed 150cc. Fuel used shall have a maximum of 16% by volume of nitro methane, and all fuels shall only contain Methanol/nitro methane and lubricating oil.

All cars:

  • Tyres and Wheels
 only Serpent- Dragon RC pre-mounted tyres and wheels can be used (Medium or Soft Compounds) No additional WET tyres are allowed. No tyre additive or cleaners are allowed.
  • Drive system and weight 
Cars can be 2WD or 4WD (Shaft driven only).
  • Minimum weight of the car ready to race (no fuel) shall be no less than 3500 grams.
  • Body shells and wings
All bodies used must be of reasonable likeness of a full size GT racing car, must not be 
modified by adding aerodynamic aids. Internal body strengthening are allowed with similar materials to body (no metal parts can to be used).
A rear wing may be used on the car, were possible the one supplied with the body. Maximum width 300mm, chord maximum (including a gurney flap if used) of 65mm and height shall be no more than 200mm measured with a 20mm spacer placed under the chassis.
 One hole of maximum 60mm (6sq.cms.) may be cut into the front windscreen for cooling. Side windows may also be cut or removed to aid cooling or refuelling.
An original plastic – foam bumper must be used at all times fitted on the front of the 
cars chassis.

The above rules will be monitored by a nominated member of the Halifax Club.