Yokomo sign Jackie Shum



Yokomo have announced the signing of of Hong Kong driver Jackie Shum to their race team. Previously Waigo Hobby driver, now Jackie got a direct contract with YOKOMO for enhance his promotion 100% for YOKOMO in Asia. Jackie is going to attend the race in Hong Kong, Main China, Thailand, South East Asia and Japan.

“First of all, big thanks to Tom, Aso and Umino for giving me this opportunity to become a Team Yokomo driver. It is definitely a very important milestone in my rc life. I will keep racing and help promote Yokomo brand in the future. I am also looking forward to seeing you guys at the track soon. Once again, thanks Annie Chan and Alan Chan from Waigo Hobby for giving me support in the previous years.” – Jackie Shum

Team Yokomo says: We are very welcomed to work with Jackie closer than before because YOKOMO would like to enhance our brand more and more in Hong Kong and surrounded countries, including Main China and Thailand.”