Dominic Quek doubles at Urban Touring Series Rd10



Singapore’s Urban Touring Series reached its season finale this past weekend, attracting one of the largest entries locally. This was once again a concurrent national championship points scoring round.

TC Open Class

The elite TC Open Class would once more be run on a Reedy-finals format over the best 3 of 5 legs. With Nicholas Lee participating in his first local event since making the A-main in the IFMAR Worlds in Beijing, the rest of the grid would have to step up their game to keep pace.

Racing was extremely close between Nicholas and Dominic Quek, both making the local race debuts of the 2017 editions of their respective platforms. After the first 4 legs, both were tied with 2 wins apiece, setting the stage for a showdown in Leg 5. Nicholas and Dominic, starting in row 2 of the grid, both made a clean start, overtaking the pole sitter in Lap 1. Dominic trailed in the early stages as Nicholas maintained his advantage from the start. At the 2-min mark, Dominic made a decisive move on Nicholas at the end of the main straight to secure the lead, which he would keep to the end. With this win, Dominic took the overall win for the day, with Nicholas in 2nd, and YS Heng finishing 3rd.

TC Open Class Results:

  1. Dominic Quek – XRAY T4
  2. Nicholas Lee – Yokomo BD8 2017
  3. YS Heng – Yokomo BD7 2016
  4. Allister Lim – XRAY T4
  5. Hasron Robana – XRAY T4
  6. Eugene Goh – Yokomo BD7 2016
  7. Chee Lip Keong – Yokomo BD7 2016
  8. Wong Ethan – ARC R10
  9. Colin Tong – XRAY T4
  10. Daryl Thong – XRAY T4

TC Open Class Series results:

  1. Esmail Apandi – Destiny
  2. Dominic Quek – XRAY T4
  3. Eugene Goh – Yokomo
  4. Hasron Robana – XRAY T4
  5. Allister Lim – XRAY T4


17.5T Non-Boost Class

The 17.5T Non-Boost class attracted some first-time entries, including Nicholas Lee, Esmail Apandi and Team Infinity’s Kenji Taira and Jessie Davies. Nicholas would secure TQ at the end of the 3 rounds of qualifying. Racing without any practice whatsoever, Jessie improved on every run and made the A-main courtesy of a bump-up win in the B-main. In the finals, Nicholas faced the twin challenge from Esmail Apandi and Ng Wei Jian. However, Nicholas was not to be denied and secured the overall win after the first 2 legs.

17.5T Non-Boost Class A-Main Results:

  1. Nicholas Lee – Yokomo BD8 2017
  2. Esmail Apandi – XRAY T4
  3. Wei Jian Ng – Tamiya TRF 419X
  4. Jessie Davis – XRAY T4
  5. Leonard Sim – Awesomatix A800
  6. Alvin Koh – Tamiya TRF 419X
  7. Wei Quan Ng – Tamiya TRF 419X
  8. Hasron Robana – Tamiya TRF 419

17.5T Non-Boost Class Series Results:

  1. Wei Quan Ng – Tamiya
  2. Tony Neo – Awesomatix
  3. Hasron Robana – Tamiya
  4. HJ Quek – XRAY T4
  5. Bobby Chan – Tamiya


Formula Class

In the Formula Class, pole position was secured by Nicholas Lee on the last lap in an exciting qualifying shootout. In the finals however, it was Dominic Quek who would dominate. Winning the first 2 legs, Dominic took his second win for the day. Daryl Thong finished 2nd with Allister Lim in 3rd.

Formula Class A-Main Results:

  1. Dominic Quek – XRAY X1
  2. Daryl Thong – Capricorn LAB F1-01
  3. Allister Lim – XRAY X1
  4. Edgardo – Roche Rapide F1
  5. Charles Lim – XRAY X1
  6. Nicholas Lee – Yokomo YRF
  7. Ah Moy – XRAY X1
  8. Smith Kek – Capricorn LAB F1-01
  9. Kenji Taira – XRAY X1