US International Indoor Championship reports



Race report by Alexander Hagberg

The premier 1/12 modified class was held with the new 6.5T blinky rules for the first time at the IIC in Las Vegas. These new rule had led to an upswing in entries, with almost 40 drivers joining this category. A competitive line up of drivers stacked the last group for a close qualifying. After doing some initial testing together with my team mate Eric Anderson, at Thunder RC in Nashville, I was able to find a good basic setup for these high grip conditions, as well as finding a suitable gear ratio and motor setup. I want to send out a big thanks to Paul Lemieux who worked hard to help me get my power package better, and in the end, it worked out well!

I was able to fight for the TQ in every round of qualifying, eventually taking the TQ in the first and last qualifier. As traction increased, I changed my setup slightly to cope with that. I ended up going to a smaller rear tire, harder side tubes, stiffer center spring, and as the last change, I decreased my front caster. With a very well handling car, I managed to TQ the last round of qualifying with a good margin to the others.

The final didn’t go exactly to plan. For one reason or the other, my car didn’t have the steering that it had in the previous day, which meant that I was caught out in the opening two minutes of the race. As I was battling with Andrew Knapp for the lead throughout the final, I could feel my car becoming better after a few minutes. Eventually this battle came to an abrupt end as a backmarker decided to hit me, as we came through the sweeper. This sent my car off the track and ended my chances to fight for the win. I had to settle for 2nd overall. Still a decent result for the new X12’17 car in its first showing in North America!

Hupo Hönigl finished in a strong 6th position, making it two X12’17 cars in the top 6! Consistent and fast driving from Hupo led to a good showing in the A-final! A nice result also for Eric Anderson that qualified in the BQ spot, and after a troublesome B-final, eventually missed out on the bump up position. Eric showed great pace in this class throughout the entire event! I can really recommend the optional aluminium chassis for racing on the new black CRC carpet! It makes the car carry more corner speed, limit traction rolling, as well as makes it freer in corners.

Result 1/12 Modified:

  1. Andrew Knapp
  2. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X12
  3. Keven Hebert
  4. Donny Lia
  5. Juho Levänen
  6. Hupo Hönigl – XRAY X12
  7. Ray Darroch
  8. Josh Cyrul
  9. Korey Harbke
  10. Andy Moore


Race report by Bruno Coelho

Last weekend happened one of the biggest races in the world, The IIC in Las Vegas. With around 400 entries, 6 World Champions present and 7 different classes the races and the organisation was impressive worked very well from the beginning until the end.

After a long stop on carpet tracks we move back on it, and with the new car, the T4’17. The new car worked very well from the start that was able to me to TQ after 4 qualifies. In the final we made a small changes that was able to me to dominate the final with a comfortable gap during those 5 minutes. I also want to congratulate Jan for the great result in Stock 13.5T, 17.5T and formula.


Race report by Jan Ratheisky 

Last week I was able to visit the bling bling city of Las Vegas for my first ever IIC which was hosted for the first time in the Westgate Casino. I was watching that event online for a lot of years and I still can’t believe that I finally MADE IT! 😉 But let’s take a look to the classes I was running: I was able to run “just” 4 classes at this event. TC 13.5, 17.5, mod and Formula. Guys I’m sure you know why I wrote “just” 😉 😉


We got 2 stins of practice each day/class which means 4 packs overall to set the cars. In the early beginning everyone struggled with low traction which we didn’t expect for a US style race but finally the Team found a good working setup for each class.


Different to the European style we run 4 quallis and just the fastest would count by time so we needed to take care how the track will change and push very hard for a perfect run. 1Sek will decide between TQ and P7. That’s hardcore how I like it 😉

In the end I could TQ TC 13.5 and F1, 3rd in TC 17.5 and BQ in TC mod which means P10-20 would fought for the last spot in the A main.


Also here we had a big difference between the US and the EU style. Just one final. So this means everything had to be prepared on 110% 😉


Luckily I was able to start from the TQ spot and the XRAY On-road Designer himself started right behind me and set me under pressure. I choose a setup for a very easy to drive and safe car. Martin pushed very hard but I could hold my 1st spot and won in front of Martin Hudy and Mario Ficco.


The closest Stock class… Started 3rd on the grid behind the US fav. EA allowed me to follow him for a while until he made a mistake. Now sorted as 2nd I tried my best to harass Mike Gee who was already far away. This guy was from another planet in this final and I wasn’t able to follow his speed. Well done man! Mike Gee, me and Jimmy Madisson finished on the Podium.


My car worked very well from the beginning at the race and my US contender no1 Keven was chasing on me but unlucky rolls it away so I could win that final in front of my 17.5 contender Mike Gee (1:1 my friend 😉 ) and Sam Isaacs.


I won the B final which sets me 10th on the grid I was pushing very hard to find me some spots higher. The field was very strong and I stuck 4 mins behind the fast Iceman Juho. Which makes me finally super proud and happy.

I hope to come back to this perfect event. It was an absolute BLAST !!


1/10 modified

1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY T4
5. Kyle Branson – XRAY T4
6. Jillies Groskamp – XRAY T4
8. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
10. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4

Formula 1

1. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY X1
2. Martin Hudy – XRAY X1
4. Mario Ficco – XRAY X1

1/10 Super Stock

1. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
6. Martin Hudy – XRAY T4
8. Jesse Davis – XRAY T4

1/10 Stock 17,5

2. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
3. Jimmy Maddison – XRAY T4
5. Craig Xavier – XRAY T4
6. Eric Anderson – XRAY T4
9. Sandro Speck – XRAY T4

1/12 Stock 17,5

2. Craig Xavier – XRAY X12

1/12 Super Stock

4. Hupo Honigl – XRAY X12
6. Eric Anderson – XRAY X12