Danish Stock TC National report



Race report by Nicolai Nielsen:

“I’m super happy to let you and the Serpent organisation know, that I just recently has been crowned Danish National Champion in the Touring Car Stock class. The past two years, I have been running a lot with the Serpent FWD car, in hopes of gathering more drivers with a different concept, car wise that is. Also this was a bit easier, as I have been working as a race director at many of the TC races the past years. Sadly I have been more or less alone on this quest for the FWD cars. Therefore I set a goal for my self, to see if I could win the Stock Championship with the FWD car.

In Denmark, the Stock class is a mix of newcomers and experienced drivers. It’s a Touring Car class run with 17.5T motors in Blinky mode. As a driver you have to battle both traffic, and tough and fast racing. Luck and skill is both needed! During the winter series 2015/2016, I managed to secure 2nd overall in the Stock Championship with the S411FF, behind fellow Serpent driver Søren B. Sørensen running the S411 3.0 chassis, to take the championship. This showed the potential and I chose to give it a propper shot this 2016 season. I also ran some races at a regional championship, and had some podium finishes here. So lots of cups were brought home.

The 2016 season had five races. I made the podium in four of the races, and grabbed one TQ and a race win at the season final, held at the large EFRA GP track in Neastved. This handed me the overall Championship in the Stock Class with a nice margin of four points. Tommy Udensen took 2nd overall, and young Calle Rasmussen took 3rd. Thanks to them, and all the other fast drivers for the fights during the season.

So, a full year of racing and focusing on the Serpent S411FF car. A runner up spot, and a Championship to top it off! It has been great! As my goal of winning a Championship with the S411FF has been achieved, I will turn my focus back on the “normal” Touring Cars with drive/power on all four wheels. I will attend Super Stock/Pro Stock races again, with the Serpent line of Electric TC’s. Hoping to give the new Serpent Project 4-X touring car a go.”