Claus Ryeskov crowned Danish National Champion



The last round of Danish Nationals was held in Greve, very technical track with killer curbs. Greve RC track is 25 km from Copenhagen. Partly sunny weather with 16°C – Danish Summer 🙂 It was the 4th and last round and some drivers did not attend this race as the championship title had been already decided. However, an old nitro driver Thomas Mortensen (XRAY) participated at this race. Welcome back.

The qualifications started and Thomas Mortensen and Claus Ryeskov had a big fight for the TQ, Thomas made very fast laps but not as consistent as Claus. So Claus took the TQ and was P1 in the finals.

The Finals:

Claus was first after start but after a lap or two, Thomas overtook him to take the lead. They were on different tire strategy, Claus on hard tires and Thomas on softer ones. Thomas was very fast and quickly build over 1 lap gap over Claus. However, around 20th minute of the race Thomas made two mistakes and now Claus was in lead. Thomas tried to catch Claus, but it was too late, the tires were worn and Thomas had to slow down and settle for the second place. Rene Kjellerup was also on softer tires and was right behind the two. Tom Limkilde had an issue with the drive belt and had to abort the race.

Race result:

  1. Claus Ryeskov Xray NT1 16
  2. Thomas Mortensen NT1 14/15
  3. Rene Kjellerup
  4. Tom Limkilde NT1 16

Claus Ryeskov takes all four rounds on four different tracks in the Danish National.

  1. Claus Ryeskov NT1 16
  2. Rene Kjellerup
  3. Tom Limkilde NT1 16
  4. Martin No. Hansen
  5. Thomas Mortensen NT1 15
  6. Rune Gustavsen NT1 15
  7. Rasmus Skjoldborg Rasmussen
  8. Morten Bo Larsen NT1 15