Serpent Natrix 748 V2 gear differentials & pulley-set



Serpent have introduced new V2 gear differentials and pulley-set for the Natrix 748. First up the gear differentials are designed with a case having a larger oil capacity which will keep performance more stable also over longer runs. The case features a small bleeder hole to allow excess oil to escape after assembly (and close off with a grub screw), the gears have a new deeper profile and the fitment of the gears is optimized, the diff axles are super light yet durable hardened spring steel versions. The diff cases have a spring steel bushing moulded inside for additional stability.

To use the new V2 gear differentials you also need the new size pullies and new side belt. The V2 pulley-set (4) are made in a newly developed low friction composite mix and are larger in diameter which enhances acceleration, as the belt needs to bend less. The new composite material creates a very smooth surface on the pulleys, which allows the belts to have less friction and creates a more efficient drive train performance.

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