Portuguese Cup report



Race report by Carlos Manuel:

Last weekend the Portuguese Cup was held in Monsanto, Portugal, a “new” track that had been closed for 3 years and it was also where I did my first National race. Also we had very good pilots racing in the 1/10 class, including 3 Spanish drivers.

The track conditions were a little bit odd to me, because in some turns it had very high grip and in others the grip was very low, and I never raced on a high grip track before, and on top of that I wasn’t able to go on Saturday to practice, only on Sunday, so it was very hard to find a good setup.

So in the qualifications it was more about to get used to the track and find the right setup, still I ended up in 3rd place, so I jumped straight to super pole but I had some problems and didn’t finish it.
After lunch we jumped to the semifinals, and with a good setup I was setting pace with 3 laps in advance of the 2nd place but sadly I ran out of fuel and finished in 2nd place for that semifinal, making it 6th place on the grid.
 Tomás Andrade, XRAY driver, on the other semifinal took 1st place and made 3rd on the grid.

So it was time for the finals, I started very carefully because of new set tires and I was scared my car would flip with the grip, but after the first refuel I was already in 3rd place behind Tomas, and was having a fight with him for the 2nd place, but I made a mistake in the main straight and I flipped over and 2 cars hit me, resulting in a broken shock, broken front tower, unfortunately Tomas had some problems too, after I flipped his engine started having a lot of problems and he wasn’t able to finish the race. Despite all the problems I still finished 2nd.

Final results:

  1. Cayetano Martinez
  2. Carlos Manuel – NT1
  3. Hugo Mendes
  4. Pedro Igreja – NT1
  5. Tomás Andrade – NT1
  6. Tiago Afonso
  7. Eduardo F. Riera
  8. Pedro Grandão – NT1
  9. Franco Vilarinho
  10. Fabio Ramos

In the 1/8 Class Paulo Mota was able to get 2nd place with his RX8 2016, after a morning with a lot of work, the finals paid off getting a very good result.

Finals 1/8 results

  1. Hugo Trindade
  2. Paulo Mota RX8
  3. Nuno silva
  4. Pedro Silva
  5. Nuno Almeida
  6. Rogério Araujo
  7. Pedro Miguel Nunes