Garbi, Dietrich, Janik & Gassauer win at LRP-HPI Challenge finale



145 drivers took part at the 17th season of the LRP-HPI Challenge at the RCCT-Münden track in Hannoversch Munden, Germany. Track, paddock and grounds were, as well as the numerous attending participants, well prepared. Unfortunately, as often this season the drivers have to deal with changing weather conditions, especially during the practices because the rain began to fall. The Touring Car classes will unfold almost exclusively with rain tyres. Tyre choice is going to have a key role and many drivers found themselves in rather unusual position further back on the grid.

In the Rookie class Julian Garbi took the win in the first two finals and was therefore prematurely as the new German champion in this class. Julian also won in the third round! Sascha Knodel and Daniel Hoelke took the second and third places at the overall ranking.


The Classic class was a stormy affair. Initially Tobias Dietrich won the first and second final run, but the second run was canceled due to a technical defect and he was demoted for the last run to the end of the field. The start of the last final saw the brilliant comeback of Tobias Dietrich toward the head of the race. He overtook all drivers and managed to take the lead and also the German Classic title! He will be followed by Dirk Flask and Ulf Bohlender second and third respectively.


In the17.5T GT class Jochen Janik won all finals easily and the title in front of Karsten Bartsch and Torsten Baggendorf.


Spectacular also was the race in Stock 13.5T class. Each final round had a different winner. Round one went to Patrick Gassauer, round two to Lars Hoppe and Kevin Sparbier won the third and final round. At the end Patrick and Kevin were a tie but the better tie-breaker handed to Patrick who took the title in front of Kevin in second and Lars in third.