Serpent Natrix 748WC 1/10 GP coming soon



Serpent will release the 2016 IFMAR Worlds winning  Natrix 748WC  as kit end of September. The Natrix 748WC  has distinguished at the 2016 IFMAR Worlds by winning the race with Dominic Greiner and also achieving the second place with Alessio Mazzeo. For the moment Serpent remains discreet about its features but all details will be disclosed very soon.

The Natrix 748-WC includes as main NEW WC parts:

  • New big bore shocks and shock towers
    New V2 geardiffs front and rear
  • New larger pulleys and new side belt

Extra WC options added

  • 803240 CVD-set Pro (2) ( to use in the rear)
  • 804273 Chassis weight 25gr
  • 804296 Body support rear (2)
  • 804360 Throttle lever alu
  • 804363 Steering block lever carbon 748 (2)