EFRA Euro 40+ report



Austrian Shepherd racer Gerhard Kandelhart is the new 1/10 IC track 40+ European Champion. After winning the super pole in front of fellow Shepherd racers Andreas Weyhoven, Arndt Bernhardt and Mirco Thalheimer “Kandi” also showed an outstanding performance in the main final with his Picco powered Velox V10. Opted not to do a tyre change in 45min main final the strategy worked out and he crossed the finishing line about 5 sec in front Shepherd colleague Arndt Bernhardt who changed the outside tyres. Bernd Hasselbring claimed the third spot about 5 laps down making it an all Shepherd podium. Andreas Weyhoven (4th position) and Mirco Thalheimer (7th position – fastest lap of the final) also were really strong but both were hampered by engine problems. TQ Traugott Schär had to retire due to technical problems.

  1. Gerhard Kandelhart – Shepherd
  2. Arndt Bernhardt – Shepherd
  3. Bernd Hasselbring – Shepherd
  4. Andreas Weyhoven – Shepherd
  5. Marcus May – Serpent
  6. Hartmut Rose – Xray
  7. Mirco Thalheimer – Shepherd
  8. Stefan Heisterkamp – KM
  9. Traugott Schär – Xray
  10. Manfred Ebener – Shepherd


In the 1/8th scale class it was last years winner Luca Martinelli (ARC) who saw the checkered flag in first position after delivering a flawless performance. Long time the battle for the remaining podium spots was wide open between Shepherd colleagues Arie Manten, Andreas Giesa and Frank Schewiola. A few minutes before the end Andreas had a crashed caused by a piece of a chunked tyre at the end of the straight dropping him down the order. In the closing stage Frank tried to hunt down Arie but he ran out of time. Arie took the runner-up spot with Frank completing the podium. TQ Michael Salven had to retire early after he had a moment and damaged his car.

  1. Luca Martinelli – ARC
  2. Arie Manten – Shepherd
  3. Frank Schewiola – Shepherd
  4. Remy Hasler – ARC
  5. Michael Pätz – Shepherd
  6. Andreas Giesa – Shepherd
  7. Peter Poldvere – Xray
  8. Tamás Sági – Serpent
  9. Michael Salven – Serpent
  10. Armin Baier – Capricorn


In the 1/8 electric guest class it was Patrick Nähr who took the victory in front of Gerhard Kandelhart both piloting a Velox E8 with Alain Levy completing the podium.

team-shepherd.com (photos from Martin Mollet)