Danish Nats TC Rd5 report



Race report by Mike Gosvig:

The last race was held on the large track in Næstved with super high speed where corner speed is the key to fast laptimes. Before the race I was already Champion in both classes Modified and Superstock but the race was on for Steven Olsen and Soren boy for the 2nd place overall in Superstock class. Track was super nice to drive, and you need to be very precise and smooth to keep up the speed in the corners.

The race day started and I got help from my friend Jack Holger Sørensen with bringing the car to the track and marshalling so I should prepare the cars as I was the only one to drive 2 classes. First round of qualy went perfect in modified, only the traction was not on its best – I TQ’ed over Casper Morgen with 9 seconds, Michael Ivø in 3rd.

In super stock I choose to run brand new set of tires this was not good as they were sliding, plus Steven got a little late to start, so my tires was super cold, but also now my transponder did not count all laps so I missed 3 laps… This round I finished dead last, as the race organizer said it was my own fault, also even it had counted all practice the day before. This allowed Daniel Bjerg to take the first TQ in the coldest condition.

Next round I also TQ’ed the modified again this time with Michael Ivø in second 1 lap down, and David Hansen in 3rd. The superstock I had to put in a new transponder and added some more flex to make it easier. I TQ’ed the round with 4 seconds clear of Soren Boy and Steven in 3rd. Young Patrick made it in 4th place! Good job mate.

Last round I would not start in modified because of already wrapped up the TQ, instead I built more steering in my stock car and this proved to be very good. I could now make and even faster TQ than before, and also track record over 5 minutes! I made the TQ with 6-7 seconds to Steven Olsen and with Soren in 3rd.

The finals:

First superstock final I tried to just place the car on the grid and let the final start but even after Jack and I had removed all the additive it was still sliding. I made a bad start because of sliding up on the straight. Both Soren Boy and Daniel made their way by but just end of the straight the additive and tires was ready! I overtook Daniel Bjerg in the first corner on the inside. The 2 next corners pressured on Soren and then I took the inside line and took the lead back. I just pulled easy away and won the final with 5 seconds to Daniel! Steven got 3rd in this round after Passing Soren who made a mistake in the chicane.

The modified final I took a tone to tone win with Michael Ivø in second and Casper in 3rd. I won by 8 seconds this main.

2nd superstock main we learned from the first one and took one warming up lap thanks to what we had a perfect start this time. I pushed and pulled away very fast! This main I won with 8 seconds to Daniel Bjerg who overtook Soren on the second last lap, Steven was also very close to Soren but could not find a way past Soren. So he finished in 3rd only one tenth apart of Soren.

Again in modified tone to tone win, but the last lap the car felt strange. The problem was with a big hole in my rear tire! So I did not last main. I won the final with Michael Ivo in second and Casper in 3rd!

Last final I could only attend in the super stock as the one rear tire was gone – all the other 3 looked just fine. So I tried to make less flex in front but this was not better but I still won the main with 5 seconds this time over Soren and Daniel in 3rd. Steven made a last lap call tried to get by Daniel and Soren, and made it on the roof. So Soren took the 3rd place on the day race and also the 2nd place in the season overall, Steven in 3rd!

Modified standings top 3:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY -TQ
  2. Casper Morgen – XRAY
  3. Michael Ivø – XRAY

Modified Overall season (Danish Nats overall ranking):

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY
  2. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo
  3. Michael Ivø – XRAY


Superstock standings:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY – TQ
  2. Daniel Bjerg – Yokomo
  3. Soren Boy holst – VBC
  4. Steven Olsen – XRAY
  5. Patrick Danielsen – XRAY
  6. Stefan Finnich – Schumacher
  7. Christian Lehm – XRAY
  8. Soren Slut – VBC


Super Stock Overall season (Danish Nats overall ranking):

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY
  2. Soren Boy Holst – VBC
  3. Steven M. Olsen – XRAY