Mustafa Alp Turkish National double champion



XRAY Turkey OnRoad Championship 6 race series has been completed past weekend at Bursa Bumod track. 5th Izmir race has been canceled due to sanction overall the Turkey, and first round was only run at EP.  First time an outdoor race was not interrupt by any nature event. Race and track was smooth all weekend. 4 categories were run at the track this weekend 1/10 GP, 1/8GP, 1/10 EP modified and 1/10 EP stock.

Here are the results:

XRAY TORC 1/10 GP Round 4

  1. Mustafa Alp XRAY NT1 2016
  2. Alain Sarafyan XRAY NT1 2014
  3. Onur Vardar XRAY NT1 2016
  4.  Ceniz Sönmezler XRAY NT1 2016
  5. Mert Ekinci MUGEN
  6. Serdar Sakallıoğlu XRAY NT1 2016
  7. Batuhan Özdemir XRAY NT1 2015
  8. Sertaç Palaz MUGEN
  9. Halit Körpe XRAY NT1 2016
  10. Mert Köroğlu XRAY NT1 2016


Xray TORC 1/10 EP Modified Round 4

  1. Erol Uçar Xray T4 2014
  2. Cem Ni̇zamoğullari Xray T4 2016
  3. Deyvi̇ Levi̇tas Xray T4 2016
  4. Kayhan Ketenci̇ Xray T4 2015
  5. Fati̇h Kaya Xray T4 2013
  6. Sertaç Yalim Xray T4 2014


Xray TORC 1/10 EP Stock Round 4

  1. Ahmet Kasap Xray T4 2016
  2. Kağan Aydin Xray T4 2016
  3. Hakan Altiparmak Xray T4 2016
  4. Can Duran Vbc
  5. Cagis Murat Xray T3 2012
  6. Mehmet Kul Xray T4 2013
  7. Sefer Kürsad Alalma Xray T4 2015
  8. Poyraz Serezli̇oglu Xray T4 2016
  9. Kayhan Ketenci̇ Xray T4 2015
  10. Ni̇hat Onay Tamiya

Mustafa Alp Race report:

“Round 4 of Turkish Nationals was held in Bursa Bumod Track on 3rd- 4th of September. We had a nice weather, and atmosphere was super good. After the world’s I did not touch the car, to see how it suits our Bumod track, especially because Gubbio had also an asphalt that makes the cars push, just like Bumod. From the first practise I already broke my record from 19.7 to 19.6, so it was super good start to the race. Then I increased the toe in a little bit, added 2mm bumpsteer shim and that was it for the weekend. In the qualifiers I made 19.3 laptime, and 31 laps, all new records for me. Car had maximum steering in high speed and also lots of traction.

After qualis I changed the belts and was ready for the final. After sub finals were run, A main grid was completed with 8 XRAYs. This weekend also proved that most of the car setup worked for not only me but also for lots of XRAY drivers, as most improved their performance even if the track conditions were almost the same, compared to previous races.

Race started without any drama, only I started little late from grid and lost the lead to 2nd place starter Halit Korpe. So I was sandwiched between Halit and Alain in first lap, but then made a clean pass and started to pull away from them. In 6 minute mark I lapped the field and had an easy race from then on. I pushed a bit to make a new record but my first set of tires was not so good. After about 50 laps Halit had a problem and had to retire when he was battling with Alain for 2nd position. So Alain had an easy 2nd place. My scheduled tire stop was also done by Umut and Ahmet without any major problem so I held my lead and finished 6 laps ahead of Alain. Podium was rounded by XRAY driver Onur Vardar. Another national championship has ended where I made double title in EP stock and Nitro Touring. See you next season.”

Championship results:

Xray TORC 1/10 EP Mod Overall

  1. Erol Uçar Xray T4 2014
  2. Fati̇h Kaya Xray T4 2013
  3. Kayhan Ketenci̇ Xray T4 2015
  4. Cem Ni̇zamoğullari Xray T4 2016
  5. Sertaç Yalim Xray T4 2015
  6. Kaya Kin Serpent
  7. Murat Yazici Xray T4 2016
  8. Deyvi̇ Levi̇tas Xray T4 2016
  9. Erkan Akin Serpent
  10. Ni̇yazi̇ Deni̇z Xray T4 2016

Xray TORC 1/10 EP Stock Overall

  1. Mustafa Alp Xray T4 2016
  2. Ahmet Kasap Xray T4 2016
  3. Kağan Aydin Xray T4 2016
  4. Sefer Kursad Alalma Xray T4 2015
  5. Can Duran Vbc
  6. Ni̇hat Onay Tamiya
  7. Berk Öğretmen Xray T4 2016
  8. Murat Yazici Xray T4 2016
  9. Poyraz Serezli̇oğlu Xray T4 2016
  10. Mehmet Kul Xray T4 2013

Xray TORC 1/10 GP Overall

  1. Mustafa Alp Xray Nt1 2016
  2. Hali̇t Körpe Xray Nt1 2016
  3. Alain Sarafyan Xray Nt1 2015
  4. Cengi̇z Gökbulut Xray Nt1 2015
  5. Sertac Palaz Mugen
  6. Ali̇ Kaya Serpent
  7. Mert Eki̇nci̇ Mugen
  8. Haluk Soyyoruk Xray Nt1 2016
  9. Utku Kizildağ Xray Nt1 2015
  10. Onur Vardar Xray Nt1 2016