Austrian National Rd6 report



Race report by Patrick Gollner:

The 6st round of Austrian Nationals was held at RCR-Linz. The weather was perfect during the weekend. The track was very difficult because one side of the track had so much grip and the other side had no grip. So it was very hard to find good set-up.


Andreas Stiebler finishes on the podium and gets the overall victory in the formula class. After the qualifying rounds Andreas was second. As the podium finish would secure him overall victory so his job was to hold the place and drive smooth. Great job to Andi for the title.


  1. Markus Wurmhöringer
  2. Andreas Stiebler XRAY
  3. Bernard Welker XRAY
  4. Thomas Dvorszky XRAY
  5. Andreas Teubl



In stock it was one man show. Christian Völker with his XRAY T4 was the fastest man on the track in his class. He takes TQ und 2 A main finals. Great job Christian!


  1. Christian Völker XRAY
  2. Andreas Hinterleitner
  3. Robert Fahrengruber XRAY
  4. Manfred Pasch XRAY
  5. Wolfgang Wöß XRAY



It was very special qualifying. The first 10 drivers were between 2 seconds. I had bad luck with the tires. As I was unable to find the grip I finished in qualification 6th. In the finals I changed tires. From this moment my car was amazing. First finals I finished 2nd. In the second final I took the win and in the third final I finished again 2nd. As I started from 6th position I am very happy that I was able to finish 2nd overall and becomes Austrian National Champion.


  1. Dominic Vogl
  2. Patrick Gollner – XRAY T4
  3. Manuel Gremlica – XRAY T4

Overall National points


Andreas Stiebler becomes the National Champion in formula class with 2 wins and one second place. Congratulation Andreas for the tittle. The 2nd place belongs to Thomas Dvorszky and 3rd to Bernhard Welker (all XRAY X1)


  1. Andreas Stiebler – XRAY X1
  2. Thomas Dvorszky – XRAY X1
  3. Bernhard Welker – XRAY X1
  4. Rene Kronsteiner – XRAY X1
  5. Andreas Teubl


Nico Haider wins the Austrian Championship as he took 2 wins and the 3rd place. Great job Nico. Christian Völker is the Austrian Vice-Champion.

  1. Nico Haider – XRAY T4
  2. Christian Völker – XRAY T4
  3. Phillip Neudinger
  4. Manfred Pasch – XRAY T4
  5. Vinzenz Schrank


The modified Austrian Championship title belongs to me. I am so happy. It was very long way for me to become Austrian National Champion. I can’t explain how great it feels. I tried so hard and so long to get this championship. But with my perfect working XRAY I could managed this. With 3 TQ´s and 3 wins I made it. I want to thank XRAY so much for the trust and support.